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Camera co-ordinates lookup for R* Editor

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I'm trying to assess whether or not it is possible to access the R* Editors camera co-ordinates position on the fly, or even at all.


e.g, when moving the camera around in editor, look up its x, y & z co-ordinates and display them.


I would assume there is a native function that would lookup this in the normal game mode, allowing you to script camera positions like in missions, but not sure about the editor, as i've yet to see any mods for it.


I'm guessing OpenIV wont be able to modify .clip or .vid files


Is there some limitation here with the editor and mods / tools?


Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

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You could try the


It returns a Vector3 value with x, y and z.

Edited by Ghost_Rolly

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also look around in derictor_mode.c4







open the file in notepad++


type "cam"

click "find all in current document"

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Interesting. Thanks.


There is nothing stopping a mod running and executing while in editor clip edit mode right?


In theory it should be able to use one of these natives to call up and display the current rendering cam x,y and z while editing a clip, but i'm yet to see a script mod run outside of the game's story mode.


I wonder if it also possible to write these cam co-ordinates too e.g display them, then set a new camera to these x y z co-ordinates without requiring user to manually reposition the camera.

Edited by FixingG00D

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There is nothing stopping a mod running and executing while in editor clip edit mode right?


Wait, now I see that I mixed up the two thing, the director mode and clip editing mode.

So back to basics, the first thing is to check what scripts are loaded, when you are in the edit mode.


similiar in a for to iterate through an array containing the 700 scriptname:


if (natives.SCRIPT.HAS_SCRIPT_LOADED("maintransition")) then




After this we could tell probably what is scripted and what is hardcoded in the exe.

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