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Episodes From Las Venturas: Remake [Storyline Mode]


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First of all, you can call me Lukas (or LnDPro)

(I accidentally changed my name here in the forums back to leoncj cuz im an idiot)

Second of all, going to repost what I posted months ago on Designers Lounge here, so that people would know: (it was an update afterall)

Well the tragic event that occured to me is not really the real reason why there is lack of development for Cold Year 2. For me, it was that it is quite difficult to collaborate with Steven when our timezones are very different and also he has some real life stuff to do, as do I.

On Cold Year, we did it quite randomly, with Cold Year 2 - we want it to be very unique and special and well developed. From what I heard, according to Steven the story he wrote did not make any sense, had no logic or what so ever, so if we do get back on working on it then we might have to actually rewrite the whole story for both of our campaigns. Then again, I am currently in United Kingdom - far away from my workplace, so we can't do anything right now.

Before what happened to me, I was working on Episode 2 of Episodes From Las Venturas: Remake and on a new project that was inspired by the video game Until Dawn and my older DYOM mission packs such as - The Survivors and Ghost Ship. I really wanted to release them and I will as soon as I come back from UK - might spend some spare time if I find any to do so. Not sure about Cold Year 2, gonna have to talk to Steven about it and maybe we'll restart the development of it next year.

These three last projects of mine that I might work on might be the last ones as my life is now changing a lot and won't have time for DYOM anymore, future awaits - time to grow up and think about bills n' sh*t, think about education and how to remain happy without thinking of the person that I lost.



Third of all,

Never said that I quit and never did say that I will cancel this. Like I mentioned it, I was in a mid-development, but now I am back and I will try and gonna try finding time.

Cannot promise anything for Cold Year 2 - that thing might actually become an episodic videos on YouTube (with GTA V's Rockstar Editor)


So yeah, going to try and finish up all the unfinished business I've got so far, might as well start off with DYOM.

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So yeah, going to try and finish up all the unfinished business I've got so far, might as well start off with DYOM.


Uh-uh. We've heard that before. :panic:

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