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Scripting cut V features to IV?


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I was curious why no one has actually tried to script in some of the different features that were cut from V and add them into IV?




I mean looking at the hud icons, I can see a number of things that could fit...



Taco Truck Icon - Would be near construction sites and you could buy a taco for $2 that would refill your health. similar to the hotdog stands around LC...


Subway Icon - Could either be used to designate where the subway train is on the map or the locations of the subway stations.


Towing Icon - Possibly add in a towing activity similar to V?


Illegal Parking Icon - Maybe could fit in with the Towing activity? where it points out the location of the impound lots?


Assassination Icon - could be used to mark the starting location of assassination missions instead of the default icon.


Drive Thru Icon - Possibly add in drive thru's to Burgershot?


Hold Up icon - Would fit a random encounter like scenario where you could get alot of money for holding up a specific ped.


Car Steal - Similar to Brucie's mission where a car would be designated to be stolen for money


Fence Icon - Would work in conjunction with the car jacking icon, as a place where you take the car.


Fire Icon - Would mark fire stations on your map.


Snitch Icon - Marks the location of an activity similar to the assassination missions where you have to silence snitches who will testify. maybe could be used as the TLATD equivalent to the assassinations.


Car Carrier Icon - Crane in the Docks...


Basketball Icon - maybe could mark basketball courts, or a basketball activity could somehow be scripted in?


Pimping Icon - Luis's Bootycalls or equivalent.


Gym Icon - Marks the various Gyms in LC.


anyway, these are just some ideas rattling around in my brain. more to come soon for those who actually think it would be a good idea to do these

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