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Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop Mod

Recommended Posts

Thanks for downloading Premium Deluxe Motorsports Car Shop Mod v2.0 by I'm Not MentaL.
You can buy All cars and bikes except trucks, trailers, trains, planes, buses, helicopters and bicycle.
- Latest ScriptHookV
- Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
Make sure you have all 2 Requirements Installed, Extract, drag and drop in 'GTAV Root Folder\scripts\PDMCarShop' Folder.
How to use:
Download & install mod, start the game, Press Toggle F9 then Enable Mod, Simeon should spawn at his car dealership.
Up - Menu Up
Down - Menu Down
Enter/Return - Accept
Esc/Backspace - Cancel
1 - Vehicle Rotate Left
2 - Vehicle Rotate Right
3 - Open Vehicle Doors
4 - Close Vehicle Doors
E - Activate Menu
To Edit the Controls, open 'config.ini' located in 'GTAV Root\Scripts\'
- Re-code with vB.NET from Scratch
- New NativeUI Menu Style (Thanks to Guad)
- New Camera while Menu Activate
- Open Interior Mod no longer require
- Update Compatible with latest ScripthookV.
- Added Few Vehicles. (Boxville, Camper, Journey, Pony & Rumpo)
- Add Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC update vehicles.
- Fixed Reload Scripts (Ctrl+R) It will remove existing Objects.
- Blip only show while you near Simeon's shop.
- Remove secondary menu and merged with main menu.
- Remove unwanted codes.
- Replace Color Menu with Number plate menu. (You can press Numpad 9 to change colors)
- Update Compatible with Script Hook v1.0.372.2
- Control Keys Changed. (Refer Controls)
- Now you can rotate vehicle by pressing NumPad 4 & NumPad 6.
- Number Plate Changing is Fully Working.
- Car Upgrade bug fix.
- Car Price fix.
- Car will Spawn outside once you purchased.
- New Vehicle Category.
- Add Sound Effects.
- You can now change vehicle default Color & Livery by pressing Number 9.
- You can get your vehicle maximum upgrade by pressing NumPad 7 before you make order.
- New Heist Mission. (See Features)
- I Fixed the Window
- Simeon now waiting you at PDM.
- Simeon will shoot you if you're armed.
- Menu Now show Car Names instead of Model Names.
- Menu updated with New Fonts.
- You can now change number plate and Upgrade your car.
- Change the Blip icon to Simeon and Added a Repair icon too
- Re-organize Car Class for easy to find.
- Add Red Circle on the Menu Location.
- Joystick Controller Support, open pdmcarmod.lua to change your keys.
- Keys are now changeable, open pdmcarmod.lua to change your keys.
- Add Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC update vehicles.
- Change the Blip Icon to Red (Match the Color of the Store).
- Add Repair Service behind the workshop (since it has a repair lift).
- Initial Release
Known Bugs:
1. If you enable/disable Mod Twice, Mod will crash.
2. If you press and hold Close All Doors key, The Vehicle will fly.
3. If you kill Simeon, he will dissappear.
4. Mod Crash Randomly, Please report to GTA5-Mods.com.
5. Number Plate, cannot be change Yet, wait for v2.1.
Rockstar Games, Alexander Blade, Crosire, Guad, EnergyStyle, LetsPlayOrDy, NewTheft, Calm, LCBuffalo, Gang1111, Matt_STS, frodzet, leftas & marhex


Edited by qiangqiang101
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Think you could do it so that you can buy these vehicles online, from sites like southernsanandreasuperautos.com ?

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Nice work. I hope Simeon doesn't have someone come repo it. lol

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With this installed, for some reason some of my mission waypoints aren't showing up, and others will not trigger when I reach them.

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With this installed, for some reason some of my mission waypoints aren't showing up, and others will not trigger when I reach them.


You should finish your story first, then only install mods

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@qiangqiang101 dude, you took the FUN out of the reason we loved your MOD, we want to see the cards before we buy like old version, in the 2.0 version the camera is stuck to the vehicle ? come on man, WHY ?

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i am having some issues with the mod the script hook error log image is in the top most link

plzz give me a solution

i am having the blip in the map but in the PDM there is no one in the counter also no menu appeared to press 'E'

{sry for bad english}

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