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Better TV-Channel Switching Mod

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Hey Truthy! I WAS trying to use Sony Vegas, but everytime I would render (convert vegas project into an avi/mpeg/mp4/etc...) it would just crash to desktop, so I then downloaded free version of Sony Movie Studio. This is what I used to splice video clips together as well as add the Weazel After Dark on the bottom right hand side of the screen. You just add an image file as the first set in the project. To move it around you have to right-click and choose... shoot i forget... there are tutorial vids on youtube. that's how I figured it out. There are still lots of cool things Sony Movie Studio can do I haven't messed with yet.


Would you be willing to be my partner in making "Weazel After Dark" and refining it to be an awesome mod? I am going to make a Nexus page now for it, under username "Iamthewerewolf" so send me a pm on there or friend request and I will make sure you have editorial rights to the mod if you decide to join me there :)


It's up on the nexus! Here's the link...



Send me a friend request on there, or leave a post in the comments.

Edited by abrakadabra1981

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I actually installed my files and checked them out in-game and they sound plenty loud, a little louder than the normal vanilla shows

Edited by abrakadabra1981

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I'm used to Edius for Video-Editing - I was just curious :cool:

You can see how loud they actually are in my screenshot: 9dB difference is quite a lot and it only takes 5 minutes to correct it. Sent you a request.




I just tested creating new x64*.rpfs with only a movies folder + biks inside - doesn't work. gtav looks for videos in x64d.rpf & dlc.rpf - no idea where to change that. I also tested changing the tv-xmls again - doesn't work either. All I see are millisecond flickers of the videos that should be played normally in sequence. I added all entries and only changed the 2 standard wzl & cnt playlists like this: pastebin

btw. if you mess up something in the xmls, gtav won't start anymore (appcrash) ... thx again for the backups.



how did you ever manage to get this to work? the only way I ever saw my own tv-biks was by replacing the originals - the durations I entered are definitely correct for my vids - because the work flawlessly as cinema videos - just not for tv.

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Okay I think you should have editorial permissions on the mod now. Since it seems we cannot yet add additional .bik's and have it work right, let's work on the complete replacement of WZL shows and commercials. It seems that there are a couple commercials I didn't make replacements for yet! THE DLC COMMERCIALS!!! I had no idea they were there... so maybe you could find some hd trailers you would want to add and I can attach the logo and watermark, and then you could trim them up to fit the runtime length to match the vanilla DLC commercials. On a side note, if you want you can delete the file from nexus and post a good link for people to download it from, I would rather not get banned again lol. OH and if you can, try and find some royalty free/copyright-expired porn movies that would be good for this mod. I am searching here myself. Let's see what we can come up with!

Edited by abrakadabra1981

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Thx to GooD-NTS I made a big step forward. If you want to add large custom-biks, which combined exceed the 4GB-limit of a rpf-archive, you can simply add them to another one, which isn't that big. Creating new ones doesn't work but if you simply make a 'movies' folder and add them to a different one, it will. So in addition to x64d.rpf I now use x64a/b/w.rpf (in the mods folder), which are the smallest ones.


However, using custom biks for tv still doesn't work for me (replacing the originals does). Same as before: Millisecond flickers of the vids that should be played normally in sequence - I think it must be a duration-issue in the xml-files ... here's one of my updated xmls - altered/added parts only (except for the 3 cinema-movie entries nothing was changed just added): pastebin


Bik-switching is still not possible atm. :/

Edited by truthy

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I made some progress. I now know how to replace all wzl & cnt clips correctly - the issue with the commercials was, that the bik-video data rate can't be higher than the original of 200000, otherwise the short clips won't play. The longer clips play fine with 400000 and for the hd-cinema-clips you can go as high as 800000 or even higher. All replaced clips now also have the excact same number of frames as the originals so they won't get cut off.


However, I can't get my additionally added clips to play properly on tv, nor can I change the order in the xml-playlist. I'm not even gonna mention the 'switch-bik-command' - I gave up on that. So replacing wzl/cnt works & adding or replacing cinema clips with unlimited duration works. Controlling what is played first on Weazel by editing the standard playlist order seems to have no effect. For me, the first longer clip shown is WZL8 --> WZL_SHOW1 --> wzl_kfrlf. In the xml-playlists it's entry number 10 of 13, so it should be played near the end but it's played first.



If you find the time, could you please test if you can change the play order?

More importantly could you test the following: When you add a new bik file (with a new filename & duration) to x64d.rpf and add the correct vaules/names in the xmls, if that is played correctly on TV. For me it doesn't work, neither if I replace a existing entry and slot, nor if I create a new one ...


Unless you or someone else can help me I'm gonna give up and have to settle for replacing biks rather than adding new ones (except for the 3 cinema clips). We already got that far, so it can't be that difficult ...

Edited by truthy

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Final Entry: I give up. Without any help I'm unable to solve these issues. :angry:


My previous post was premature unfortunately. To sum up: replacing or adding new cinema vids & longer clips works - replacing or adding new commercials/shorter clips doesn't.


By now I've ruled out any bik-video related issues, so it must be a game config or filesize issue. The Clip length isn't the problem - the new clips had exactly the same amout of frames as the originals. The video bitrate isn't the problem - 200000/400000 lower or higher makes no difference - a lower peak bitrate or average bitrate doesn't help either. Some of the orignal biks are version 2.2 instead of 1.0, that's also not the problem. Sometimes the short clips play, most of the time they won't --> black tv-screen/clip flickrs. Hitting a specific filesize with rad is impossible and I have no idea if there even are any related game config files to edit, or where they are. Changing the play order via xml also never worked for me. Btw the fduration value in the xml-playlists was the number of frames of the original + a few strange ones more, not some obscure calculation of seconds * fps.


So here's the list of all ingame vids that can be replaced safely. You still have to watch the annoying commercials in between ... they can even be longer - if they are, they just get cut off. No xml-editing - just add/replace the biks:



Longer TV-Clipscnt_moorehead	        13m23s	cnt_rage	        14m30s	cnt_underbelly	        06m50s	cnt_pbr2(dlc)           12m33s	wzl_fos_ep1	        15m34s	wzl_fos_ep2	        09m21s	wzl_jhrs	        09m04s	wzl_kfrlf	        12m15s	wzl_rsr4	        12m53s	Cinema Moviesmov_arthouse	        09m01s	mov_lrigb	        10m00s	mov_meltdown	        11m46s




These won't work:



Commercials (NOT WORKING!!!)cnt_mystaspot(dlc)      00m55scnt_phat_chips(dlc)     00m54scnt_bravado             01m27scnt_dude_eat_dog        00m18scnt_implant             00m34scnt_logger_beer         00m34scnt_lottery             00m12scnt_mt_zonah            00m43scnt_rehab_island        00m20scnt_sa_tourism          00m52scnt_stunt               01m08swzl_bison(dlc)          00m51swzl_epsilon(dlc)        00m23swzl_ammunation          00m46swzl_grand_senora        00m39swzl_lifeinvader         00m32swzl_organ_farm          00m16swzl_pwasser             01m25swzl_serious_cougar      00m27swzl_surano              00m30swzl_up_and_atom         00m56s



Edited by truthy

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