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Did R* fix the connectivity issues with this update? Or is it still cr


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Just curious as to what it's like now that the update is out. Are people still having the same issues with online connectivity as they were before?

For reference: The last time me and my buddies got together and did the Series A heist, we had a whole host of issues trying to get it done. It ended up taking us like 3-4 days of playing to actually finish it all. First we would struggle to get into the same invite-only session. Then we'd have issues trying to get into the Heist lobby. Then we'd have issues starting it up...and it would go on from there.

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Ha ha ha , you are kidding arnt you , they didn't have time , what with fixing pointless things such as people entering inerioes that already exist and clothes that shouldn't be worn with other clothes , anyway there are no connection issues they are down to everyones personal internet connection

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Nope, I havent been able to get online for awhile now, getting save error message when I try

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No, it only got worse. I was constantly put in empty lobbies and everytime I tried to join friends I timed out. I thought I'd fixed this issue a couple months back by turning on uPnP, but that didn't work anymore, nor did putting my PS4 in DMZ. I finally fixed it again by turning on bridge mode.

Here are some possible solutions:



Edited by DBrasco
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I'm glad to say that I fixed the issue of empty lobbies and connection errors 100% by port forwarding. It's quite easy to do once you understand how it works. An alternative method is putting your router in bridge mode, but that isn't very convenient.


For more info on port forwarding or other solutions check out this link:



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Ports opened: No.


PS4 in DMZ: No.


NAT1 in bridged: No.


Which ports did you open to fix the "cant join friends because you or friend hasn't completed tutorial despite being level 550+ and playing on-line since day 1 bug" ?. (Sarcasm mode on).

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