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Black Star Militia (Xbox One)

White Shark

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White Shark






The Black Star Militia is an armed group of urban soldiers, fighting against the corrupt Los Santos authorities, police brutality, legal injustice and corporative evil. The media scum call us terrorists. We call ourselves freedom fighters for the oppressed!






We will not stop until every single one of these vile cretins are dragged out of their comfy homes and executed in the streets!


Death to the oppressors!


Freedom through anarchy!!



Crew Name - Black Star Militia (BKSM)


Clan Website: http://blackstarmilitia.weebly.com/



The Black Star Militia (BKSM) is a militant themed clan. I decided to take a different approach than the usual 'gangster' clans out there. This clan is a Heist / Job focused one. My members will mainly play Heists, Heist setups and Jobs so is the perfect clan to join if you like to get objectives done with ease. My only condition is if you do want to play an active role in heists, then you have a mic to allow easy communication with your fellow militants. I hope to gather a good group of people that players can call upon when wanting to get a task completed.






If you want to be a part of a clan, but prefer to act as a lone wolf, then you too are welcome! On the clan website, there is a section in the forum where you can post details of your actions along with pictures you have taken, to further our group's propaganda. Kind of like a propaganda mini-task game.





Leader Contact: White Shark UK


Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_star_militia


Platform: Xbox One (Would be willing to accept members from other platforms if they wish to take the lead for their particular console / PC)


Games: Heists, Heist Setups, Jobs. Death matches for training purposes if required. Happy to consider other types of games, but not races please.


Time Zone: I'm UK based, but happy to play with whoever from wherever, if I'm awake!

So if you want to join, sign up via the Rockstar Social link and join the Clan Website!









Freedom through anarchy!




I've had a couple of new recruits via R* Social website, but please ensure you join the forum on my Clan Website to introduce yourself and express times you're roughly online etc. Thank you.

Only bump your topic once a week. Read The Guidelines.

Edited by slohbur
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