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I had so much more fun on GTA IV free mode than I ever did on GTA ONLINE. Anyone else had the same experience?


I miss doing the swing glitch, hell I even miss full free mode lobbies at the airport just totally messing around.


The reason why I'm posting this is because I just messed around with the Ill Gotten Gains update and I wasn't really impressed with things like the prices for the vehicles (nothing new) etc.. 10 mill for a plane just because it's golden, 1.9 mill for a car with fancy doors.. R* is basically begging people to buy cash cards which is something that really sucks and is unfortunately micro transactions is a thing nowadays.


I know it may sound like I am crying because my character is broke as hell, but I actually don't even find the free roam as fun either.. Idk lol

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GTA 4 free mode was the bomb!


You didn't have to worry about money and it was 'classic' Grand Theft Auto. You could play for hours on end doing practically nothing and still have fun.

There's always something new to do, places to explore, and things to see in Liberty which you may have never noticed before.


It's a shame that it's riddled with hackers, it's actually still fairly popular in multiplayer (for PS3, anyway) surprisingly!


I too prefer it to GTA Online, I just can't seem to find any fun from that.



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Nah nah nah Gta 6

GTA IV MP is fun, but only with friends, and it's not as replayable as GTAO.


GTAO will never be able to be as simple as GTA IV MP, which is a good thing.

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