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GTA V Weapon stats

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This might be available somewhere already, but when I extracted the game data and stumbled upon the physical weapon data, i had to clarify for my own couriosity's sake.




Hope this turns out to be useful for anyone out there...


My personal observations:

  1. Despite the varying in-game stat "Range", they practically do all have the same effective range of 120 units (except the shotguns). This was and can be tested by having your friend shoot a wall while increasing distance, observing the bullet impacts.
  2. Observation 1. renders the MG slot useless, unless you absolutely have to fire 100 (200 upgraded) rounds non-stop. But in daily gameplay, trading so much accuracy for a little DPS gain on only the "Combat MG" (DPS loss on others), will most likely be a bad idea. Now having the PDW in the MG slot can be seen as an opportunity to have a naturally silenced, quite accurate rifle, at no surpressor-downgrade cost.
  3. I was always convinced the "Special Carbine" would be the best rifle to use from what i felt, a friend vouched for the Bullpup rifle. In fact, the "Advanced Rifle" turns out to be superior in every stat.
  4. The (potential) DPS stat is calculated by multiplying the reciprocal of the TimeBetweenShots with the damage per bullet.
  5. The shotguns fire 8 projectiles, the final maximum damage done is defined by multiplying the number of projectiles with the given damage per shot.
  6. The "Heavy Shotgun" fires a single slug projectile instead of 8 shots, probably making it viable within ranges around 15-25 range units, being out-DPS'ed by the "Assault Shotgun" in smaller ranges, while one probably wants more accuracy anywhere above ~25 range units, using a rifle.
  7. 6. is very unfortunate, because 2 of the 4 most viable weapons throughout all ranges reside in the same weapon wheel slot.


These stats display performances without any additional gun-tuning like grip, scope, surpressor.

They are obviously only useful when presuming, that identical upgrades on different weapons result in the same stat-difference.

Edited by phil_flipmode
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