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Trade Market - Your suggestions?


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Hey! So Ive been thinking of a new idea. Not speculation but sort of perhaps a wishlist. So this is the idea of implementing a trading market into GTA 5 Online. So this would be like a Gum Tree or Ebay like sales market where players can trade, buy and sell cars to one another. This might be cool if you need some money and your car is modded, you dont need the money immediately so you decide to auction the car which is uploaded for say a small amount of time on the marketplace. I often feel guilty when I sell of well done cars to nobody.


Of course there could be a a minimum price to stop annoying traders and glitchers as well ad an ultimate maximum price for vehicles based on their class so super cars can go up to say anywhere to 10 million and sedans only a maximum of say 800k. You could also set a minimum rage yourself to make sure you get what you want

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Sussus Amongus



Edited by Pastry
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It's a nice idea, but what you're suggesting is a rather large undertaking and I don't think they'd be capable of pulling it off to the point where it wouldn't turn into...


1. Sell car

2. Unplug network cable

3. Plug in network cable

4. Goto 1


Even their own website is bug-ridden and shoddy. I dread the thought of Rockstar making a trading platform of any kind.

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Never going to happen because of cash cards

Well its a more community based answer to it I guess. It sounds fun and It would be an interesting game changer. GTA would be played more because players would fully devote themselves to advanced trading and profits. :) but fair enough

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Not an original idea though, its been suggested dozens of times since release, most recently last week.

Edited by TreFacTor
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