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[XBONE] [PC] Black Anacondas MC Recruiting Members [XBONE] [PC]


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It was the year of 2004, when 20 US marines met up in Sandy Shores. They hated Trevor Phillips, But bonded over the love of hookers, horsepower, motorcycles, and the ability to take over America. The boys couldn't forgive Trevor Phillips when he killed their leader back in 1962. and it was time to visit Los Santos and pay the other MC's that lived in Los Santos a visit. Until that is, one of the members had a bright idea of starting a motorcycle club. Thinking about how evil and poisonous snakes are, they decided to call the club "Black Anaconda MC" Thousands of broken motorbikes, jealous old ladies, strip clubs, dirty needles, and pissed off civilians later the Black Aconda MC stands tougher then all the other MC's. We have had some very hard times, especially with one of our members being killed my Trevor Phillips in a psychotic rampage. Brothers turning against us, Brothers getting killed, Brothers being taken to prison, Brothers being taken down for bogus charges. But we are still here. We have cut out all the weekend warriors, and checkbookers, we are stripping our sh*t to pure kick-ass, die for the Black Anaconda MC. f*ck YEAH!!!!
Here at Black Anacondas MC, we are quite chilled out. You WILL NEVER BE TREATED LIKE SH*T whilst in prospect period. You are considered a future brother and therefore get a ton of our respect. However, you must remember that you are still only a prospect and what is said by the officers, goes. that's final.
Avoid internal fights and bullsh*t at all costs. We are a club of brothers, and will settle any disputes like adults. Mature players only. We are in it for the fun, so let's keep it that way. You must have your social club profile visible, so that we can see your player's statistics. There is no limit or time for your prospect period, You will earn your patch when you are deemed trustworthy towards the entire club. Before you are patched, you will be required to encounter a road test. (carried out by the road captain) and a firearms test which will be carried out by Sgt. Fire Arms. There is no specific strict rule regarding age, just as long as you are within the range 17-18-19. If you are mature enough and loyal, you shall be accepted. Mic is not required, just as long as you have a method of talking to each of us in-game for contact purposes, and for updates and changes in the club.

Timezone is AEST, to join you must request invite to the club and msg me your social club name for me to accept my gamertag is xGamingBeastxD. I will then accept your invite. social club link is: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_anaconda_mc

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