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#1 Active MC The Outcast MC 50+ Members XB1


Recommended Posts


We Are The Outcast MC


Main Website http://themcoutcasts.wix.com/gtaoutcasts









emblem_128.pngemblem_128.png emblem_128.pngemblem_128.png




otZ7o17.png Instagram.png VZKDSIN.png

click sc icon^^^^

We are A Free Aim Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Motorcycle Club Our mission is to be a part of a brotherhood that is devoted to it's members like family. So if you like riding the steel horses across San Andreas and raising hell then you are in the right place.You are just a few steps away from becoming the next member of The Outcast MC. We are a Very active and serious crew.


If you have made an impression as a hang around, you may be offered a chance to prospect for the club. This means that you can start working towards the possibility of earning your patch. Keep in mind that this doesn't make you a member, and you won't be treated as one. Prospects are treated like sh*t so expect to be hazed continuously. Remember that this is all to test your loyalty, and ends with your patch in. THE GOLDEN RULE OF PROSPECTING: Do what you're told and don't bitch about it. This is a club made up of adults and as such, we do NOT accept applications from anyone younger than 17.

Rules For Being a Prospect

1.) You must wear the light brown suede leather jacket and sport the prospect Patch at all times during your prospect period.

If you do not wear the correct gear this is immediately grounds for termination. You cannot rep another MC while part of this club. You wear the brown coat to remind you that as a prospect you are sh*t and until you earn your patch and pull yourself out of it you will be treated as such

2.) As a prospect you must pass three required tests before you can be voted in to earn your patch by the Officers of the MC.
Combat Training : Carried out by the Sgt. of Arms. Contact the Sgt at Arms to set one up.

Road test : Carried out by the Road Captain. See "RIDE FORMATIONS" for details.

Verbal test : Carried out by the Secretary. Contact the Secretary for details.

3.) As a prospect you are expected to follow orders of all Club Officers at all times. If you cannot abide by this don't bother accepting your prospect invitation.

4.) You must have a mic and be able to communicate to other club members effectively. If you cannot communicate with other members in combat or ride situations you are of no use to us.

5.) You must have your socialclub account visible for us to look into you. If we can't see who you are and what console you are on, we will not consider you a prospect candidate until we have a chance to review your social club stats.

6.) You must have a one of the following bikes to ride on at all times when you are with the club during club events, rides, and other functions.
Western Daemon,


Western Bagger


Western Sovereign


LCC Hexer



LCC Inovation


No Sports Bikes that's not how we roll.

7.) You must have the Kik app mini_kik-messenger-2012-10-24.jpginstalled on your phone so that the crew can reach you outside of gameplay.

http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/outcast_mc_prospect -XBOX ONE

A prospect manager will meet you before accepting the invite.



you can also leave a comment with your GT and social on here

The Outcast MC is rolling out the Death Squad Elite. Only the best will be accepted. A high K/D ratio does not make you the best, so don't come to us bragging about it. Anyone even thinking they are good enough will have to go through grilling test sessions up against some of the best in Los Santos.

This squad will be representing the Outcast MC in all scheduled Death Matches and will be on call for any wars that break out on the streets. These are the Best of the Best at murder and mayhem within the Outcast MC. They will give there life to defend there fellow members. If you think you got what it takes come show us what you got. Any potentials will have to go through the prospect stage like everyone else. And if you happen to have what it takes you too can wear this patch on your back and represent


kEwqI9wT_0KAC6qU_l56KA_0_0.jpg Edited by Towerofpain
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I would recommend hanging around for us it's a great experience being in the MC you get to meet a lot of cool and fun people not only in our club but in others to. hopefully see some new people on GTA soon

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Outcast Larry


we are still looking for hangarounds to possibly go through the prospecting process. if interested add LivingLikeLeary on xbox one

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