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GTA V Mod Compilation Guide


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Uploaded a new part with graphical mods (relatively easy to install).

Hey guys,

I want to share something that I'm doing at the moment in my gaming clan.

I'm trying to write a guide for tweaking and compilating your own mod installations.

You can find the actual state of the guide here:

Link to the guide on feverclan.com (Chrome suggested)

Link to my albums site on Flickr (all shots available in 4K)

Today I got out a big update, the file reference is nearly done!

To quote my post on that from the guide (WIP and will be extended as time goes on):

Special I - The modding spreadsheet

Get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzi7xhqu1ueiczt/GTA5-mod-guide-sheet_1-1-1.xlsx?dl=0

Comment: Please refrain from complaining about the look of the spreadsheet at the moment. I know it and it will hopefully improve continiously. But I've already put so much work into it, I really want to release something now (extracting ALL the approx. 2300 RPF-archives in the game in a half-automatically way...).

So, this part will be a bit different from the others - it doesn't cover anything you would need to know for compiling your mod installations. Instead I want to present the spreadsheet I'm using for managing all the underlying data for benchmarks, my personal choosen mods and more. This will be quite scarcely explained in the beginning. I then will constantly expand the post with informations about the contents, what you can get out of it and much more.

General information: For the best results, I'm suggesting to use at least Excel 2007 for viewing the spreadsheet. Older versions should work also but probably not with all the functions. I'm not planning to extend the support to different office suits (LibreOffice, Googledocs or similar) because it would be simply too much effort. Please don't ask for it.

I.1 The general sheets you'll find

I.1.1 Overview-Data

This is the default sheet that you'll see when opening the spreadsheet. Here you can see the benchmark data (I suppose that's what most users are interested in as long as my guide isn't covering gameplay mods more extensively).
examine the performance of different mods and situations in terms of: FPS, GPU-, CPU-, RAM- and VRAM-usage (separate data for second card if SLI is activated)
have a nice overview if you want to compare different visual mods against each other with the bar graph on the right
filter the data by a lot of different parameters (for example just show benchmarks with or without activated SLI and/or 4K-resolution - the filter works both for the data and the graph at the same time
a link to this guide

Comment: The sheet that gets displayed by default when opening the spreadsheet will change for sure as the state of the guide proceeds.


I.1.2 Installation

The name should speak for itself. Here you can find the data about the mods I'm examining. It's important to note that normally you'll only see the columns that're interesting for you. I'm including additional hidden columns to introduce more sophisticated functions later. The data includes a "installation order" (for some parts not really necessary but I like to do installations in a particular way), links to the mod itself, the section of the guide in which it is handled, my corresponding Flickr-album and more.

Comment: If you're interested in what mods I'm personally using, look in the last column. The mods that're ticked with a "X" are the ones I'm using in my own installation.


I.1.3 Mod-Files

By the time of writing this post this sheet has more or less documentation purposes. Nonetheless you can see what exact files I'm using when examing a specific mod. This sheet will be the main source for investigating possible mod conflicts and/or suitable additional mods.


I.1.4 Vanilla

This is by far the biggest single sheet. Here you can find ALL the data that's in the game. As long as I don't have a more sophisticated way of searching for files implemented, I'm suggesting to use "CTRL+F" and type in the file name. You can also use the search box at the first row of the column "File name". Click the downward arrow and type in the name you're searching for. Then apply the filter.

Comment: Just to say it: I've put dozens and dozens of hours already into this single sheet by extracting all the approx. 2350 RPF-archives manually and validating that they're correct listed (that said, I have to do another validation to get sure...^^).



As always, I'm open for feedback ;)

Greetings Gyorn

Edited by Fever_Gyorn
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Uploaded the benchmark part yesterday.


The sequence for benching is here:



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  • 1 month later...

Updated the OP with a Link to the actual version of the spreadsheet.

This will get updated constantly over the upcoming time with new data and features.

One of them a folder structure reference for the whole game (including the RPF-archives).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Big update in the OP:

Vanilla file reference is nearly done.

Will finally go on with additional visual mods.

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Uploaded another version of the spreadsheet.

A few extracted audio-RPFs were missing before, should be fine now.

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  • 3 weeks later...

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