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[Xbox360] Old School Car Meet


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****THIS STARTS AT 9:00 pm***

The only restrictions will be that you need a mic and no Pegasus vehicles and No Supers! Please be respectful and play nice with others. Thanks!

Message me: BEA5TLYX5HOTZ for a invite.

Console: Xbox 360




- a mic will be required. No Kinect mics.

- sexism/racism/general hateful insults will not be tolerated.

- while this is a laid-back type of event, everyone must behave themselves.

- players joining on the intend of trolling/killing others/blowing up cars will be blacklisted from future events.



Knowing Your Host (a little bit about me):

My Xbox LIVE gamertag is BEA5TLYX5HOTZ. I like car meets, if you host one make sure you hook me up with the meet. Have a good time!

Edited by DudePerfect45
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Mangled Crow

GT: LDHalcrow1215, i got no mic but im a great listener and i understand the theme, i will be glad to join if you don't mind?

Edited by LDHalcrow1215
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Hey dude :)

New GT? I'm interested if you want me along.

GT: DignifiedTick
Mic: Yes
Theme: Understood

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Hey guys, those that attended and want to see feedback/pictures can click the link below which is my thread. Why post it here when DudePerfect didn't even bother hosting the meet? Feel free to post feedback/pictures in my thread as it's most likely going to get buried if you post it here.


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