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Looking for crew members

Drifting turtles

Recommended Posts

Drifting turtles



This crew was made,so that people could find other people to play Games with,i would like to find members that love to play Gta 5 online, this crew will be about having fun,meeting new people,taking over leader boards.we will have a bunch of different things to do from just cruising around,car shows, heist etc.im open to any ideas. Also i do not care about your rank or how good you are.I'm looking for loyal crew members that like to have fun and learn more about the game. you can ask for help anytime you need it,i personally will be helping people that are just getting started by putting you in my heist to help you get RP and GTA V cash


My gamertag is DriftingTurtle6.


Social club link:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/psycho_ghost_dragons


This crew will be for Xbox one for now(will be looking to expand to multi platform)


I have been playing a lot of gta v online, but you can find me playing lots of different games,



Time Zone: Central



Respect: your other crew members and follow instructions from me and whoever i elect as my commissioners or lieutenants.


No crew killings:if some has a problem, come to me or the commissioners/lieutenants, there will be ways to solve the problems , examples (one on one hand to hand combat, races or we will just handle it by talking to the person, etc.


A mic would be great but not required,

Social club profile,

Gta forum account, i can help you will make either one if necessary.


Copy and paste this here or send me a personal message to my gmaertag or on the social club link, this application is just so i know the members a little bit better.




Time Zone:

Social club name:


mic: yes/ no

what you like to do in GTA V online?

what your best at GTA V online? (shooting,driving, flying etc.)



Face book page coming soon!!!!

Thanks for looking into my crew,hope to see you join

Edited by Drifting turtles
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You need a social club link.


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Drifting turtles

Okay I'll try and find it lol

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  • 7 months later...

Age: 20

Time Zone: UK (GMT) im up until 7am uk time so 2am est

Social club name: ohp71581536

Gamertag: OgN GodOfWAR

mic: no but soon i will have 1 (laptop mic may work for parties if app is updated)

what you like to do in GTA V online - mainly racing and playlists, and also pissing about with other crew members

what your best at GTA V online? im good at driving at average shooting and flying

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Drifting turtles

OgN GodOfWar thank you for putting in a app to join this crew.i will send you and invite to join. Can't wait to see you in game. Thanks

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Drifting turtles

Still looking for people to join the crew. Have lots of ideas for this crew just need some crew members to start the crew off and discuss the ideas for This crew!!

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  • 5 months later...

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