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What is a "scrapped" vehicle?


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I have a customized van that was destroyed by another player. Instead of destroyed it is showing "scrapped". It shows in my garage inventory but it says to call More's to get it back. But More's doesn't have it.

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Hector Tavares

It's a personal vehicle that was not insured at Los Santos Customs, that ended up being destroyed. There is no way to get the car back.

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^this man tells the truth.

Insure your vehicles.

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Mors Mutual Insurance (MMI), unfortunately, can't help you. If you don't put insurance on a vehicle and it get's destroyed, it's gone for good and will show "scrapped" next to the vehicle's name in your garage.


Also, if you're playing the Current-Gen/PC version, you can go into Passive Mode to make sure no one destroys it. Of Course, like I and others have said, you really should insure your vehicles.

Edited by nWo_Y2J_2015
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A good thing to do from time to time is to go in each of your garages and press down on the d-pad (Xbox - guessing Playstation is the same thing) and walk to each vehicle. A pop-up "menu" will appear, showing stats of the vehicle but as well stating if it's insured or not. In past updates there was a known bug of vehicles un-insuring themselves and you had to insure them again or else they would be lost. I do this from time to time to be sure that I don't lose anything. I suggest that anyone do the same. :)

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