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Any way to put contact missions into playlists?

Guest Member5489316

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Guest Member5489316

I would like to create a playlist with 16 Death from Above contact missions in it. Is this possible?

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i dont think so...


that was possible back in the day, but R* removed that ability god knows why.


only the playlist that were made prior to the removal remain.


there are 16X cristal clear out playlist that mission is short and can be done with buzzard.

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Guest Member5489316

Ah dang that sucks, I have a 16x Potshot playlist however I think that Death from above would be better. I must find someone who has this playlist, if anyone xD

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Private Custard

I've been looking for an 8x CCOIII playlist since I transferred over to PC.


No joy yet!


I can't understand why R* want to make it so hard to make cash. Well, I can sort of understand, but all its doing is pissing people off!

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A 'Death from Above' playlist wouldn't be possible anyway! You see, there are 2 kinds of missions: Contact missions and free mode missions.

You were never able to add contact missions into playlists so I guarantee you, you won't find a 'Death from Above' playlist. The mission playlists, that are out there only feature free mode missions, such as: Crystal Clear Out II, Factory Closure, Dirt Road, Truck Together, Coasting, Potshot, Close Action, Coveted, Crystal Clear Out III. Maybe there's one or two more, I can't remember and these are the only ones the gta-wikia mentions...

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Menstrual Deranged

All I wanted to do was make a playlist of my favorite missions, not even necessarily the best-paying ones. Booo, Rockstar!

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