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Son of Zeus

Things you dislike/hate in GTA V

Recommended Posts

Son of Zeus

So I don't know if this already exists because the Search function is broken.


The other sections got this, so V should have one too. So yeah, you just have to post what you don't like in V.



- Trevor Phillips

- Lack of restaurants

- Boring peds

- Terminator RoboCops

Edited by Son of Zeus

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-melee fighting system


-gun sounds

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Lack of more common every day cars.


Lack of more of the vehicles from IV.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Those random NPC cop chases. They pop out of nowhere and are very disruptive if you're trying to cruise and relax. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but my father has a pretty impressive surround sound and it enhances the experience of this game... until those chases pop up. Hearing those dumb ass loud cops shouting "Pull over" "Key out of the ignition now" and then gunshots and screaming coming from behind you is downright irritating especially considering how random it is.


And then when they come near you. You're at a light and they ram right into you or somebody else does because the shooting causes civilians to drive erratically. If your luck is really down, a cop will hit you and you'll get a star which then escalates to two stars. If you're against cheats and just want to cruise, sucks for you, your cruise is over.


I was doing a photoshoot yesterday and parked my Zion on the side of the road for a scenic shot. Well as soon as I got into position and whipped out my camera, a chase popped up instantly. Out of nowhere, a cop car rammed into the side of my Zion and stalled there.


It's gotten to the point where whenever those chases pop up and the cop stops near me to get out and start shooting, I whip out my heat seaking rocket launcher and blow them up because I'm sick of that stupid yelling, those stupid sirens, and those stupid gunshots. I either do that or speed up if I'm driving to make them despawn in the distance.


Just being a nit-picky sod of course, I still love cruising in this game. It's just that I wish these chases would stop.

Edited by Sting4S

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American Venom

-Lack of criminal activities.

-sh*tty storage space.

-Forgettable supporting cast.

-Heists with no payment.

-The "turbulence" helicopters/planes experience.

-Weird design decisions such as the only place to play darts out in the middle of the god damn desert.

-Filler properties that feel like they were only put in for the hell of it. Mackenzie Field is the only one that makes sense.

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Lack of Bowling. I'm pretty sure Los Angeles has Ten Pin Bowling Centers.

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The map...


And the goddamn lack of interiors.

Edited by NumaYay

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As a Law Enforcement Enthusiast, I was disappointed to not see the following;


- Blaine County actually having it's own Sheriff's Office/Department, and thus having it's own fleet of vehicles, including the Vapid CEPI, Bravado Buffalo PPV, and Declasse Granger PPV (Note: Riverside County SD has been used in this example).


- The SAHP patrolling the highways/freeways, and actually having it's own fleet of vehicles in game. including the Vapid CEPI, Bravado Buffalo PPV, Declasse Granger PPV, and Vapid Exploder PIU, and texture them with proper SAHP liveries and have them replace the sheriff units that patrol/park alongside the highways in game.


- NOOSE actually having it's own fleet of vehicles (with 'FPS POLICE' markings), including the Vapid CEPI, Vapid TPI, Bravado Buffalo PPV, and Declasse Granger PPV. Have these vehicles parked at the NOOSE facility North of Palomino Highlands.

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-Franklins yellow shirt.

-The extremely poor textures on the Vespucci Beach Skateboard shops, skateboard decks.

-Cars exploding on impact.

-No feedback or score counter while stunting.

-The Adders exterior.

-Not being able to enter the interiors that are there but only for missions whenever we like.

-The day/night cycle being to fast

-the amount of douchebag characters.

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PS3 version

- Secret agents in disguise of animals able to call cops

- Extremely aggressive cops

- Extremely annoying peds

- Extremely empty, lifeless, boring, game world

- Extremely less rewarding single player of the series', EVER!

- Extreme hand holding and dumbed down gameplay of the series', EVER!

- Extremely high number of filler collectibles to extend the games lifespan

- Extremely high count of title updates being forced to single players' to download

- Extremely uninteresting and restrictive count of cheats to use

- Extremely low amount of offline races and variety compared to brilliant types of races seen in GTA SA

- Extremely half assed property related missions, and still buggy phone calls

- Extremely high number of phone texts and annoying mails during the story missions compared to GTA IV

- Extremely scripted and linear RE and S&Fs'

- Extremely low number of interactions

- Extreme number of Inaccessible interiors

- Extremely annoying "periodic entitlement verification" being forced for Offline gaming on PC

- Dealing with turbulence can be extremely annoying.

- Least crime related activities

- Boring mini-games

- Zero replay value; tightly scripted, linear, and allowing not much player agency in the gameplay during the story mode!

- Zero infinite missions like Vigilante

- Still quite a few but important 3D era stone age problems continue to persist, for instance, buggy vehicle storage.

- No SP DLC Announced

- Lastly, extreme focus over utterly gigantic piece of crap, the developers stubbornly refuse to end their obsession with the most garbage gaming mode ever - GTA Online!


Coming soon: Part II

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I think this thread fulfills the same purpose: http://gtaforums.com/topic/782207-what-gta-v-lacked-and-should-be-improved-in-vi/




- not enough interiors

- not being able to take out weapons in certain interiors

- not enough story missions

- Mount Josiah is too big

- side and roof of a car can't be deformed (CG)

- no heists vehicles in V SP


That's all I can think of right now.

Edited by DaWiesel

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For being the first GTA game to feature Female Police Officers/Sheriff Deputies, they were chronically under-utilised. Why didn't they appear in Missions, and in Free Roam more often? Instead, there were a couple that just hung around the Mission Row Police Station, and Sandy Shores Sheriff Station.

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Uncle Vlad

- way too few missions to flesh out three protagonists

- too few criminal side activities

- no fast food restaurants or street vendors you can buy food from

- too few interiors

- car handling

- helicopter handling

- not being able to draw a weapon or run inside buildings

- random cop chases are happening too often

- the lack of a "real" forest

- the mountains are too empty, it would be nice to see an isolated cabin here and there

- everytime I go to the cinema they show this sh*tty, boring "Capolavoro" movie, so I´d like to see more variety there

- too few friend activities

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Official General

* Major lack of crime-related side missions and activities

* Very boring storyline dominated by government agents, with little focus on organised crime/gangs

* Trevor Philips. Also weak character writing for Franklin and Michael.

* Not enough interiors, very small number of interiors in Los Santos especially

* No buying of safe house properties

* Badly designed map layout, too much mountains, no real forest, city is not spread out enough

* Rubbish gunshot sounds and effects

* No random gang shootouts

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-Lack of interiors

-Lack of random crime (gang shootouts,random vehicle thefts,random drug deals...)

-Lack of criminal activities for protagonists (gang recruitment from GTA SA/gang backup from GTA 4,burglary from GTA SA,vehicle theft missions from GTA 4,gang wars...)

-Lack of average cars (non luxury sedans,non luxury coupes,compacts,under 600cc motorcycles...)

-Many vehicles from GTA 4 are not in game (they could have easily ported them to GTA 5,they even did it with some of them either while making the game or in DLCs,so why not all)

-The Lost MC being antagonists

-Johnny,Terry and Clay getting killed

-The story about TLMC not clear (how did they not just recover,but became one of the most powerful biker gangs in the US in just 5 years?How did they take over SA from AOD?...)

-Bad map (too small desert and forests,too many mountains,towns in the center of the map too close to each other,Los Santos middle class suburbs are too small,ghettos too...)

-Bad melee combat mechanics (even GTA SA which is 9 years older had better hand to hand combat)

-NPCs shoot too accurately (I would get SWAT team and soldiers,and even regular cops,but how can gangbangers,bikers and rednecks make a headshot with a pistol at over 50 yards?)

-Too little garage spaces (only 6 with Michael and Trevor and 7 with Franklin)

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Inb4 getting called "another V hate thread dressed as 'things you dislike in V' thread"



- Lack of normal cars

- Inbalanced vehicle classes

- Lack of meaningful, powerful major villains

- Only three of six heists that gives you money (four if you count FIB Raid, but it only gives a small amount of money for Franklin)

- Bottlenecked top speed

- Burnout Paradise's vehicle camera shake

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-Map dosen't live up to the hype

-IV had better car damage system.

That's pretty much it lol. But the map one is a really big one.

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- Lack of varied criminal activities.

- Too many boring, and cluttered locations on the map. e.g. Mt. Gordo, Paleto Forest.

- A very cliched and unsatisfying storyline.

- Lack of memorable characters. Michael only springs up to mind.

- Arcady and tedious driving physics

- Horrible damage model.

- The turbulence in helicopters and planes. Even if you max your flying stat, it still happens.

- The huge amount of locked interiors and overall lack of interiors compared to SA and IV.

- Lack of entertaining mini games like bowling, nightclubs, and comedy clubs. The only memorable ones were Tennis and Golf.

- Trevor Philips. He seems to be a flawed and one dimensional characters from start to finish. His morals and motives are unclear as well. He also treats other people awfully and he does seem not to give a sh*t.

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Uncle Vlad

I forgot one thing:


- no purchasable safehouses or 10 car garages

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no TPI side activities like drug wars, meth dealing etc.


no gang wars for franklin/ trevor


no free roam heists


not enough garage space

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6AR HC gsc

- Map:

50% Underwater / 50% dry land - of the 50% dry land 30% are comprised of big hills with nothing to do on cept hike/drive up, fall down or look at rock formations and chase bunnies / play tag w cougars while admiring the next, upcoming, critically acclaimed timecycle / weather change...

- Vanilla Vehicle Damage System & Vanilla Vehicle Handling:


Had 1,5years between Hand Pacifier User release and PC release and all C* could come up with was adding more PFX shaders and such without at least trying for an "updated" handling-dat for less arcade matchbox gameplay inclined players?

- Vehicle AI

See aforementioned point: 1.5 years and AI handling is still shice - driving any road/country road w a right turn/curve, like grandma walton with 23,7MPH even and oncoming traffic still "avoids" you by swerving into your lane afraid you're gonna hit it - idiotic and tiresome

- Pedestrian Volume re. mindless chatter

I dont need to hear NPCs chatting about their idiotic issues from 25m away while zipping past them or sitting at a stop light / across 4 lanes of traffic walking the other side of the road etc - just shut up already or rampage!

- Airborne Vehicle Turbulence


- Vehicle "High Speed" shake


a. 100mph - thats not "high speed" unless you're watching COPS where the idiot narrator uses km/h (" Watch this criminal doing 160 going down the road...") to exaggerate the "heroism" the pursuing law enforcement officers are displaying while the "subhuman" vigilante is actually displaying severe difficulties barely passing bums pushing their shopping carts down the side of the road...

b. Wanna give the impression that you're going "high speed"? Make the cars actually accelerate past 120mph in the first place instead of doing the shift-up, increasing REVS but actually dropping in speed just hovering around the 120 mark no matter what

- 50% of the actual content reserved for "Online"

Properties / Heists / Vehicles etc...wtf

GTA is fun in single-player, always has been, from GTAIII through Vice / SA and IV - it's also the kind of game which quite obviously attracts everyone whom still has to see a member of the female gender naked for real and associated acts, if you catch my drift... WHY would i care about playing with these people ONLINE - EVER?!? Stop forcing online down my throat in a manner of speaking - yes i understand "Online" is easy and such - "Player will generate the content - all we have to do is give them the 3 new cars and moronic space-weapon once every while and hilarity and content will commence - no voice acting, no Creative on our part.. - PROFIT!!" - no...

- Traffic Lights Triggers

a. 95% of the time, unless you're really flying down the road in a straight line like a V2 ballistic missle on final approach - EVERY STOPLIGHT will trigger RED as soon as it is rendered, no matter what / where


b. Drive like a normal human and sit in traffic at a red light - speaking of Triggers again - light turns green, half the time nobody moves if YOU dont do anything - light turns red again nobody moves still, traffic from left and right that is, BUT, as soon as you DO anything, honk your horn or crawl forward an inch, the AI gets triggered and starts doing stuff again


That scripted pattern really gets rather annoying and predictable and as such becomes boring and a chore

- AI spawning randomness - lack thereof / triggers

...kill the redneck and his dog spawning at trevors airfield over and over every 120 seconds after driving the runway down and back...as well as vehicles - go down this random road, this junction a truck will come from the left - an SUV will swerve in from the right here, motorcycle wil come up right..right...now, golf caddy in 5.....4......3.....2...there he is - like playing Ground Hog Day...

- Too Easy and "dumbed" down in general


Earlier GTA Versions you actually made an effort to complete / not fck up a mission because you dreaded failing it on account of having to drive back there or start all over again and such - this here is like its designed by and for absolvents of a big western democracies Public School System - You can't Fail - 3 tries and you can even SKIP stuff and still advance not to mention all the checkpoints in between


That aside it's nice, waiting for the next one..... . .. . .

Edited by 6AR HC gsc

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-lack of things to do once story & side missions are finished (incl. vigilante, TPI etc)


-the fact that helping police gives you a wanted level


-traffic at Cape Catfish (more of an annoyance, as loads of traffic suddenly cuts to no traffic, then traffic apperaing out of nowhere going the same way as you going back towards Grapeseed)


-the lack of working wing mirrors (this is especially annoying when joining the freeways when roleplaying in first person)


-the fact that the horn sounds just before the character presses it (more obvious in convertibles/1st person)


-lack of self radio on console


All that said, I still think V is one of the best GTA's made. That seems to make me a traitor on these forums :blink:

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- Not able to drop weapons

- Hydra still not included in story mode.

- Simon says, "go here and do this, go there and do that" structure of missions that results in a mission failure, if Simon got angry for trying to act smart.

- No sense of progression whatsoever compared to amazing character progression and roleplaying elements in GTA SA

- Shortcut to billions; invest in stocks with nothing to spend on.

- You cannot buy houses on this big ass map

- Majority of the map has hardly any use worth interesting except for the snapmatics.

- Hardly any meaningful activity left to do after 100% to continue playing long after completing the story

- No katana, flame thrower nor police bribes to effectively deal with wanted levelsy

- Yoga

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The lack of Horses in the world.

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Uncle Vlad

The lack of Horses in the world.



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Officer Garza

That the police in GTA V are not like the ones in Watch Dogs in which they have Patrol Carbines(Assault Rifles) alongside with shotguns and pistols, when in GTA V, they just use pistols and shotguns while in pursuit.


See below for comparison





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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I think another thing that bugs me is how Rockstar thinks only sports cars handle/sound/accelerate good. I toyed around with the Zion XS yesterday (M6-based) and because of the XS badge, I expected it to be the real deal. Is wasn't. Slamming on the gas pedal, didn't really do anything exactly. It's a waste of time because you don't really accelerate that much. And then the sound, sounded like a vacuum cleaner with a slushbox, and then lord I have never felt such little connection to the road. Even the Karin Asterope was funner to drive. Left me feeling like, do they really think sports cars, classics, and compact sports sedans are the only fun and quick cars in the world? I would've loved it if the Zion XS accelerated like a Coquette, sounded like an F620, and steered like a Carbonizzare but I guess that is too much to ask for.


I've gotten used to the vehicular physics and have come to like them. Doesn't mean some cars don't flat out suck though. Way more than they should.

Edited by Sting4S

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6AR HC gsc

Edit / Addendum while we're at it:


- Vehicle Deformation re. Passenger Compartment


Need it back - i can whizz on First Person View and the 5 new "high def" vehicle interiors and / or clipping when in FPV -- if i roll down Mt. Chilliad w a "veehikle" i want it to look like it just rolled down a rather elevated pile of dirt as well - if i accidentially move my tracked & armored Insufficient Genitalia Compensation Device into the path of an enemy traffic combatant and over it, i want it to look like a random, average, appreciated Wal-Mart customer just sat on it as well...

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Cops online. That's it for me.

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That Trevor and Franklin have few missions dedicated to themselves. While Michael........

Franklin's lack of character

Chef doesn't have a role at all

Not explained how the Lost got to Los Santos, why Johnny got hooked on drugs and went back to Ashley

Ending A

How relentless cops are

TPI can't get expanded into something bigger

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