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[SA] Collisionless objects.


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Hello people. I'd like to ask you some question that bothers the whole OSA team for like really long.

Some of the objects have the collision in the interiors only. It there any way to make collision for these objects? Two ways we see are:
- Adding collision of the mapped object to collision of the building.
- Making basic cubic (and other way formed too) collision and making a collision piece-by-piece.

The first way is the worst we could imagine, while the second is quite hard to implement and won't work. Is there any other way to add collision to those collisionless objects? Is it possible to activate interior-featured collision for those objects which had cols in interiors?

Thanks for any help.

Edited by Maxandmov
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It always was a cancer for me too. Never tried it but maybe moving the object model & txd from gta_int.img to gta3.img; the .IDE line from interiors IDE to world IDE, and the .col file from gta_int.img (in which the collision of the object is stored - see the pic below to get what I'm talking about) to gta3.img may do the job.





So let's say if the object's collision is stored for example in gen_int1_1.col in gta_int.img, then move it (gen_int1_1.col) to gta3.img (copying it would be safer, so it'd be in both gta3 and gta_int).



@EDIT: I just added the new CJ_F_TORSO collision (the previous one was empty) to props2.col (in gta_int.img) and it worked


Yeah, cj_f_torso.dff (shopping_clothes.txd) is an unused interior object.


@EDIT2: Yet another way, unmark the Interior Object parameter in mEd, or deduct 32 out of the last value in .IDE line

For example:
Interior Object: 1249, faketarget, fktarget, 10, 160

Non-interior Object: 1249, faketarget, fktarget, 10, 128

Edited by Camil1999
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The most famous objects are these of the stadiums, the loop and the ramp, other peoples always noticed that they don't have collision by placement inside of another ipl

Following i found out:

The collisions archive have same name as the ipl files

Placing these objects by another ipl made the collision inactiv


If i renamed the collisions archiv, then i could place the object also in the outside world, inside of another ipl, with working collision.

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Camil1999, moving collisions was the first thing we've tried and, unfortunately, it never worked.

I'll try playing with settings in MED, hoping it'll help.

Thanks for your replies, guys.

MED way isn't working.
Moving these objects which are responsible for the object I want to have the collision made the game crash. Sounds like stalemate for this attempt.

I'll try ZAZ's approach.

I've took a col file I need and renamed it to lae2.col, putting it to GTA3.img afterwards. It caused the game to crash. If it works, you shall be more exact - that's since I've done everything the way you said and it killed my game.

Edited by Maxandmov
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Maybe it needs to keep the col archiv in gta_int.img

I did it again:

I opend gta_int.img with IMG tool and renamed stadint_4.col into stadin.col, ran the game and visited the stadium in LV by starting the Arena Mission: Kickstart, the parkour with loopings and jumps.

It worked without problem. The coll model of 13592, loopbig is inside of stadint_4.col, now in stadin.col

Then i added the placement for loopbig to SFe.ipl


13592, loopbig, 0, -1572.24, 1192.82, 15.9896, 0, 0, 0.64278715796, 0.766044822162, -1
Ran game and drove and walked on the looping. This worked also fine.


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Okay, let's say I have a chair defined in props.ide, its ID is MED_DIN_CHAIR_5, and it has no collision. Right now I'm going to take props.col and rename it. But hey, it is already props.col, identical to props.ide?! Okay, then I will try and rename it after lae2 - lae2.col. Which will most definitely lead to a crash. I'll keep you updated.



Oh my, it worked! But hey, what if there are no more ide's I can name .col files after? Adding collision in these files might just help?

Edited by Maxandmov
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