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[PC] "StanceNationUSA PC" Meet/Cruise/Race Crew! [ALL WELC


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StanceNationUSA PC


This is a new crew I made so I can finally host some fun races, cruises, and meets!
The car scene in GTA V is incredibly fun, but it's very hard to find people like me who enjoy to just drive around and play with cars instead of running around shooting everyone they see.


Everyone is welcome to join!


You must be willing to abide by the following rules

Failing to do so will result in a permanent ban from the crew

  • Must speak English well
  • There will be NO killing of any sort (Unless planned)
  • No crashing/ramming/shooting/stealing or harming other's cars in any way
  • Do not attract police attention while an event is going on
  • Be friendly to all crew members. No insulting, harassing, fighting, etc.
  • Do not use any harmful cheats/hacks during events. Spawning cars & stuff for people is perfectly fine, but nothing that may bother people.

The crew is 100% open to the public. Anyone who wishes to join may do so, but make sure to read the rules before joining.

Events will be hosted on a regular basis, at least a few times per week. The first few events will be as soon as we get a few members.


Crew Information


I hope to see you guys soon!

Welcome to StanceNationUSA PC :)

Edited by wearing8
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Join the Crew! We'll probably do drift events often too! I love drifting :)

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Join, guys! The Crew is open, all you have to do is join :) No invites needed! Once you join, you're part of the crew!

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We had our first meet last night! ~9 people!

It was a blast! Besides GTA being so broken and everyone timing out :(

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BUMP! We've almost hit 30 members! The meet tonight was great, had a ton of fun!

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State From Jake Farm

you guys should tell me when you are going to do a meet, or if someone wants to do a meet

SC: hexergaming1

Steam: State From Jake Farm


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