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Creating my first .asi plugin, how?

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Hello everyone.


I was wondering, i would really like to develop my own scripts for GTA V, and i was wondering, how does it all work?


I have seen a few people speaking about Visual Studio, but some use 2010, some 2014.


What tools do i need, and what would be good basic knowledge, i have been developing for well over 8+ years, but mainly in Java, and C++.


Any help would really be appreciated, you can also add me on Skype (alexalexdk) with information, any help that leads to understanding and me starting out with this, will be rewarded :-) (£$€)


Best regards,



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Visual Studio 2013+ recommended.


An ASI mod is really a DLL renamed to ASI.

Use the NativeTrainer project included with ScriptHookV for an example of how to use ScriptHookV.

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Would the community edition of Visual Studio work?

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Yes, the community version is fine. Use the SDK scripthook which allows procedural "reloading" of ASI files.


Check out http://gtaforums.com/topic/717612-v-scriptnative-documentation-and-research/

The natives and decompiled scripts will become your go to source of knowledge.


There are other scripting languages you can use like LUA and C# (possibly more coming or available, I think I saw a Python hook). Slight learning curve but with your background, it shouldn't be too steep. Check out this hacked up transporter code I made for fun (made in LUA):




If you can, please share your code. No love lost if you don't but it makes everyone a little bit smarter.

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