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[PC] Vape's Mini Off-road Meet


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Little brief synopsis... Past month or so, we've been working together on a off-road trail, sharing vids and screen shots and such. Now we thought it might be a good idea to do a small test run of some parts of it tonight. Now were not looking for a huge group as of yet, as were just testing it out getting some opinions. Parts of the trail does consist of; water bogging & hillclimbs with the odd rockcrawling here and there, so some sort of 4x4 is needed.


Sandking (all around) or a Huntley (loads of torque) would be our suggested vehicles. Don't forget your Mors Mutual insurance $$ as them trails are not forgiving



  • Must have a mic with teamspeak 3 installed
  • an idea of what vehicle your bringing and that vehicle must have off-road tires installed.
  • Patience, every driver must have patience when waiting to move on to each section
  • Stay a few lengths back, in order, single file during the trails, no passing
  • not mandatory, but preferred, some past exp. in GTA off-roading


Dirt Bikes & Cars are fine to bring, just remember the conditions of the terrain ;)


If you have no problems with the rules, feel free to add me on social club, please also attach a message about the offroad "meet".




Friday, June 5th @ 7pm EST http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Edited by Vapizt
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I'm up for it in my enduro or rusty rebel


The rebel is a very good choice


although I find its for the more experienced GTA offroader

Edited by Vapizt
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First off, thank you to those who all came out :) .

It was great to meet some fellow offroaders. Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed yourself and the trails.


My apologies to anybody that has gone broke from the insurance claims, if I could pay em I would :p 2 shoutouts; Ed for helpin out with the island challenge and another one to adrocz for keepin the end together, thanks again guys :happy:


I took some pictures as well;




The following 2 pics are some of the crew sponsorships :p






We did some judging, the following truck ending up winning, with most votes, (in the tie-breaker) for "best looking truck":




Very nice shot I got here of us all :)





Some after party footage













more from the album can be found here

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