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Best track for testing cars?


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I've no clue if this was discussed before, but I want to test a car and I need a good race, not the funnest, or the most interesting, but 1 with a good balance of long strips to go fast on, tight turns, loose turns, medium turns, the works. Are there any tracks like that?

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Cutting Coroners

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Cheetah GP is a good one, however it is community made.

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I actually made a created race of my own on the long strech of highway i put the markers a long way apart from each other and then turn everything off so i have a stright shot without having to worry about cars getting in my way.


The Airport altbeit a big place you can't reach top speed by time you hit the end of the runway.

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Smooth Longsack

Brandt's snatch. Love this race. Laps are about 1:40.

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I like Dorset Dr. but not sure I would call that balanced. Cutting Corners has more slower sections that test braking and cornering speed. My advice is pick YOUR test track and stick with it. Consistency is the goal in a test track.

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The Nurbergring interpretation that got verified a while back is good for testing cars out. Lots of variety of corners and straights.

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I like Break out the Brakes (a verified track) for both being my favorite track just because it's genius once you get into the flow and a good mix or corners for testing cars.


Here is the link to add it into your game




Although cutting corners is the traditional track where everyone knows how fast each car can go around it. However.. cutting corners favors cars with very high traction and they may not be class leaders on most other tracks (the Elegy is the prime example here).

Edited by elfoam
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(Shameless plug here)


If you can do this track (http://rsg.ms/9b98f5f) without crashing, then you have mastered your car.


If you complete the whole circuit the first time, then you are more patient than most.

Edited by Slam_Jones
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