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GTA V DeathRun Challenge! [PC] (20$ main prize!)


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Hello everyone! :)


A couple of weeks ago, I made my first (and first ever :D) true GTA V DeathRun map called WIndmill DeathRun. I was inspired by DeathRun gamemode in Counter-Strike and GMod, where one team had to stop the other team by activating traps on their way. It was extremely fun and I thought that this concept would be at least as much fun in GTA V with its incredible Euphoria engine! Thus I decided to transfer this idea into GTA V, and, just as I predicted, it turned out to be a lot of fun! The main concept stayed the same: One team (Killers) has to stop the other team (Runners) from reaching the end of their way. If the runners manage to get to the end, there they find some "tool" to eliminate the Killers team and win (in my maps it is usually a Tank). The difference with CS/GMod DR is that Killers set off traps not by pressing a button, but by shooting the trap at the right moment, so that it falls down (e.g. floating cars) or blows up (e.g. gas barrels). And, having a sniper rifle, the killers can also try to shoot the Runners when they cross open spaces (usually between fences).


Thanks to Euphoria engine, as I said previously, it turned out to be a lot of fun! The cars fall down differently each time, the players react differently each time when a trap hits them. This makes each run unique, a lot of random and fun situations happen every round. Thus, the Runners' success here depends on several factors: how well Killers time their shots, how well Runners escape/run past the traps and... how lucky they are in that specific round ;)


Enough of the introduction, now let´s get to the main part :) I´m starting a series of challenges on my DeathRun maps, and the first challenge will be on my first DR map, which I already mentioned in the beginning - Windmill DeathRun.


- What is the challenge structure?


- The challenge consists of 2 stages: qualifying and final. The qualifiying stage will have 6 rounds: 6 players will take part in each round (3 killers vs 3 runners, changing over every few minutes. Note: I will join one of the teams randomly, but will die in the beginning of each round and enter the spectator mode, so, I won´t actually participate), among which 1 player will proceed to the final stage. All in all, 36 players will go through the qualfiying stage, and 6 of them will proceed to the final. In the final stage, these 6 people will compete for the prize of this event - 20$ Steam Wallet.


- What is the goal of this challenge?


- The players in each round will have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) (except the Final - it will last 2 hours) to get the tank as many times as possible. The one who gets the tank most times when time runs out will be considered a winner. In case no one gets the tank in the allotted time or two or more players happen to have the same points, the round will be extended for maximum 30 minutes, and during that time the round will finish immediately after the winner could be decided. If the winner still won´t be decided after that extra time, the round will finish without a winner, then a rematch with the same or different people will be held on some other day (the day and time will be decided afterwards). The Final stage will have a possible extra time up to 1 hour. If there still will be no winner, there will be a rematch on another day.


Play fair and remember the following rules, violating those will result in a ban from all my events:
- Do not cheat
- Do not insult other people
- Do not leave the running match you play in
- Excessive use of foul language is not allowed
- Being inactive during the event (e.g. hiding behind the fence the whole round; not even trying to reach the finish) is not allowed
Current list might be extended in the future, so make sure to check it before the game starts.
The event will be streamed on Twitch.tv! :) Follow Twitch.tv/51server to make sure you don´t miss the live streaming of current event as well as future events which will be a lot of fun and will also probably have some giveaways for the viewers ;)
In case someone violates the rules and is kicked from the running competition, a short break will be announced and a volunteer among the Twitch stream viewers will be chosen to take his place, if there´s still at least 30 minutes left. Alternatively, I might take his place, though I won´t get any points for getting the tank.


It is highly recommended for all the participants to have a microphone, because this will make the event even more fun ;)


I plan to make 2 rounds a day, with a few days in-between, so the games will be, let´s say, on Saturday/Sunday, Wednesday/Thursday and then Saturday/Sunday again. The first round each day will start at approx. 17:00-18:00 GMT (Check the current GMT time here). So, if, for example, we begin at 18:00 GMT, the first round will last until 19:30-20:00 GMT (depending on whether they will use an extra time or not), the next round (with next 6 people) will begin at 20:00 GMT and will last until 21:30-22:00 GMT. So there might a be a 30-minute break between the rounds if no extra time will be needed during the game. The exact days and times will be considered together with the participants. The Grand Final will last 2 hours with possible extra time, the day and time of Grand Final will be considered separately.


- How do I join?


- In order to participate, you have to join the Steam group of the event (you can also join it if you´d like just to follow the event) and leave a comment where you should write your prefferrable times (GMT) and days when you can take part for sure.


- Where do I get the map?


- You can get the map of the event here. Make sure to play with your friends a little bit before the competition and



And once again, whether you are participating and would like to watch other participants or you just would like to have fun watching each round of the event live, make sure to follow the Twitch channel ;)


I think I covered everything :) it might seem like a big wall of text, but the event is not complicated at all. Actually, it´s all about having a great fun! :happy:


I wish you guys a great day and I´ll be waiting for the volunteers! ;)


P.S. There is a reason why this event is called a "DeathRun Challenge" and not a "Walk in a Park", my maps were never meant to be easy, so expect an actual challenge :)

P.P.S. I am a russian guy, so english is not my native language, please don´t be too mad when I make any kind of mistakes while writing or speaking ;) I always do my best :)

Edited by 51SErVER
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