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How to delete this forum account?


Go to solution Solved by Girish,

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So as the tittle says how do I go about deleting this account? I'm doing some account cleaning and closing all I don't use or have just lying around, and can't seem to find anything on here in the settings to allow me to delete this account. Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance.

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There isn't any user option to delete accounts, and the mods/admins have a policy of not deleting accounts.


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Well. What a great f*cking site this is, so sick of bullsh*t like this. If I have to make an account with my credentials (email) then they should have to provide the option of me asking for my information to be deleted. If a Mod see's this and decides to not follow the policy of not deleting accounts and delete mine I'd be great. But I guess that's probably speaking to deaf ears more then anything.

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Why did you make a f*cking account in the first place? Even if your email is linked, so what? Its not like they are sending you stuff via email. Just log out and dont come back. Easy as that.

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  • Solution

What the people above me said.^


Besides, email IDs are not made public. So unless you're going around telling everyone about your account, no one is ever going to know that you were here. Just log out and you're done.

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