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SOTW #101 - Voting


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SOTW is back again, let's hope it lasts.

SOTW (or "Signature of the Week") is a friendly but competitive competition between designers to create

amazing signatures and to be judged by our peers to obtain victory.

Read below for the set of rules and the deadline!



- Animations ARE Allowed this time.
- Must be new work, you can't re-use a signature from past competitions
- Must fit into forum guidelines: 500x150px
- Must be own work
- No Memes, Period.

- Voting - You may not vote for yourself. You may vote once, with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote.

- Begging - There will be no begging for votes in any section of the forums or through PM.

- If you are a member of a gang, fellow gang members are not allowed to vote
for you. This is to keep the competition fair and comfortable.

This weeks theme was: CLASSIC CARS
(It seems we're all in favor that classic cars look best from behind :D)
Deadline for Voting is Saturday, June 6th.
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Why are nobody voting?


Here's my votes:

1st. Nick

2nd. CrysisAverted

(no 3rd vote cause it isn't fair)


Edit: Aaaaand now that the polls are closed, this is how it ended. Congrats Nick and CrysisAverted.

Edited by Robton
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1st Robton

2nd Nick

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