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[V|REL] Speed Plate [LUA]


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Speed Plate..... 0.1



Hi. This is my first plugin that I've made, mostly at random trying to learn some LUA. Since it turned out being a working script, I thought I might as well release it to the public for anyone who might find it useful.




What it does ?


Basically it's turning your Number Plate into a working Speedometer. I thought that the vehicle Number Plate was anyways irrelevant to the player and it already sits in the lower center of the screen at most times.

While stationary, the Number Plate will cycle through Character's name and current Radio Station name. While moving, it would indicate the speed with the option to toggle between Metric and Imperial Systems.

The Number Plate will restore it's original number once the Player exits the Vehicle.


To toggle between Metric and Imperial Units Systems you can press the "\" [back-Slash] Key that it's configurable inside the script's source.

The default Units System to always start with, it's also configurable inside the source code.




Script Hook V

LUA Plugin for Script Hook V



Speed Plate

Edited by 80T
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That's actually REALLY rather cool, nice job! Creative mod, excellent stuff :).

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interesting... but don't like that change my plate, especially with the player name... also don't use any radio and also doesn't restore my plate but the default one...


anyway, could you just make a lua script that reproduce a customizable (position, font color, size font, font type, etc etc) speedometer as this?


Edited by LeonEma
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