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Need Adjustments Done To A MC Patch


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Could someone please to some changes to this patch.



1. Instead of "First 9" I would like it to say "Global" in the same font and size as "Sons Of Anarchy".


2. There are some red spots on the patch that I would like removed, there blood the the scythe is fine.


3. Instead of black I would like the "Sons Of Anarchy", "Global", and "MC" to be blue similar to the image below.




4. I would like the "1%" patch removed.


5. I would like the "MC" patch to be moved to where it's at in this picture.




6. I would also like if someone could color the gun the color of the one in the picture below (but not as noticeable)




7. I would like the top half of the "A" on the ball to be colored in black.


8. I would also like for the rest of the scythe to be colored gray like in the picture below. (but not as noticeable)


9. Finally I would like to have the teeth of the reaper to be like the reaper above.

10. If someone could add the little shine on the top right of the ball that would be great (optional)


I understand it's a big task but I would really appreciate it if someone were to do it. Thank you to whoever does.

Edited by LiberatorBeast
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If you could basically make the emblem below in high quality 512x512 that would be even better. All I need done is instead of "California" for it to say "Global" and also have the patch above "MC" removed. *This is the preferred choice*



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LoH Will I Am

Per Guidelines you need to wait 3 days before bumping your topic, use the edit tab to add additional info about your request

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