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Coop Missions


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First off new to the game and this forum so I hope this is the right place for this topic.


Last night I made it to level 117 but when I look at my stats it says that I have only played 107/206 (I think it's 206 might be more I am at work) coop missions where do I find the other ~100 missions because though I love the game but playing the missions over and over again are getting a little old.


I even found some of the hidden missions that are only available at certain times of the day/night.


Does level 120 unlock the rest of them?

Edited by DKBigRed
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No hitting level 120 doesn't unlock the rest of them, you'll just have keep playing and then when you get to the voting screen just vote for a contact mission that you've never seen before. Also how exactly are you new to the game? You're level 117 lol you've obviously had spent a lot of time on this game.

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Well I have been playing since the release of the PC version, I say new because some have been playing consoles for a while.

Edited by DKBigRed
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Versus missions must be included in that number. Contact missions there are only 109 or so, and a few (chemical extraction being one of them) are currently unavailable to play


I'm on ps4

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Yeah I thought about that hopefully in the future we will be able to make these in the editor.

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