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[V|REL] Refined Weapons and Gunplay


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-Every weapon now has recoil in third and first person
Pistols and SMGs have the least amount of recoil while Rifles and LMGs have the most
-Each weapon's damage has been modified
-Accuracy for the cops and gangs have been reduced
-Some weapon's magazine sizes have been changed
-All ammo capacities have been reduced to a few hundred rounds depending on the weapon class so no more 9999 rounds
-Farther ranges
-Reduced hipfire/run and gun accuracy
-Reloading is slower
-Bullets must travel
-Bullet force is reduced
-Health is lowered for pedestrians (no health bar bug)
-Muzzle Flash is reduced
-Optional stick magazine for the Gusenberg Sweeper
-Proper aiming stances for hipfired weapons such as the Micro SMG
-Faster rocket speeds for rocket launchers
-More force for the Heavy Sniper
-Zoomable scope for the Marksman Rifle
-Some weapons have increased fire rates
-Increased FoV


Installation: You need OpenIV
1. Run OpenIV
2. Go into editmode
3. Replace pedhealth.meta in update/update.rpf/common/data
4. Replace these 3 files in update/update.rpf/common/data/ai
5. DLC Example install:
Go into update/update.rpf/dlc_patch
You will then see dlc folders mpbeach, mp business etc
To install the Special Carbine changes, go into the folder mpbusiness/common/data/ai
Replace the weaponspecialcarbine.meta file
Then Add the weaponcomponents.meta file that was in the 'Special Carbine and Heavy Pistol' folder to that folder.
6. Go to each dlc folder and replace the corresponding files:
SNS Pistol: mpbeach/common/data/ai
Vintage Pistol: mphipster/common/data/ai
Heavy Shotgun: mplts/common/data/ai
Gusenberg: mpvalentines/common/data/ai
Bullpup Rifle: mpbusiness2/common/data/ai
Musket: mpindependence/common/data/ai
Heavy Pistol: mpbusiness/common/data/ai
Homing Launcher: mpchristmas2/common/data/ai
Railgun: spupgrade/common/data/ai
7. After that close archive and exit OpenIV





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