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Suicide without doing anything?

DS 17

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I m just coming back from an online session which I entered a couple of minutes ago. I was flying a heli (in passive mod), when I got one star. I also dont know why, but below me there was a guy in a tank. So I assumed I got the wanted level because of the stolen heli.

However, one cop shot the heli, then the broken heli sound came, but I thought it wouldnt matter so much, as it has been completely new and it was just one shot.

Anyway the heli exploded some seconds after that.


I respawned, and as I started walking a bit I was "threwn" in the air like 10m above ground and it said I committed suicide.


I spawned again, got a car which then exploded a few secs after I first drove. Also the message appeared that I committed suicide. I double-checked if passive mod was activated and it was.


Next respawn, I did not move, was looking into the players list and it was a bit strange as well, as sometimes the messages appeared, that one player killed lots of other players (very often, even though on the map there werent more players so close together). Anyway, when I finished the menu, as soon as I started walking I again committed suicide.


Does someone know the reason? Is this a bug or a hacker? Or something else?

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It was just some cheating scumbag hacker, happens frequently in public lobbies. Best of luck in the future.

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Wrong! These cheaters are script kiddies.

Edited by UltimateAntic
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