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Dubsta2 on PC?


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I want to get a Dubsta 2, is there anyone who's got it on PC?


Socialclub name is the same as here.


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Nah, i want to get one to spawn while someone else is driving theirs

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There's a chance you get one to spawn during time locked missions. Are you online right now?

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I've been trying to find out how to find most of the npc modded vehicles since the PC version came out and found out that if you look for "how to find _________ after heists update" you'll find some videos. That said, for the Dubsta2, here's some that should help you out:







Spawning it can sometimes be very tricky, so besides knowing where to go, check out seawalltx's video for other details that might help making it actually spawn:



In the Airport LSC I tend to have better luck from 8am-9am, sometimes even in a public session. To further increase your chances, try to look for one in a private session or in one missions time-locked to 12:00 like ( http://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/2zna6h/contact_missions_with_locked_time_or_locked_clock/):


Chopper Tail (no time limit)

Time to get Away (no time limit)

Denial of Service (This is the preferred mission since you don't have to drive that far away to end the mission. Blow up the trucks to stop the limit but don't collect the equipment until you're ready to finish the mission)

On the List (time limit)


Hopefully this will help once you're able to get a hold of a Dubsta2.

Edited by greyishgoose
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You can see that they're driving a dubsta2 already, i've tried to spawn one in DOS for 30 mins or so, no success. That's why i need someone who's got one. I know the spawns, i just need someone who'd like to help me.

Thanks for the videos, though.

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Hello, I'm in the same situation as Dennis0ne. :/If someone can help me get a Dubsta 2, thank you in advance for your help. ;)


My RSC : Nico056

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I have found many of them in regular free roam during the day.. i aquired the chrome one around 7 or 8pm game time at lsc in the main area near that mall..


I have gotten the other ones 1 copper and 1 gold from the lsc near the airport.

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There's a Dubsta and a Dubsta 6x6. It's not really a Dubsta 2.

Edited by nWo_Y2J_2015
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I found a Dubsta 2 at the airport LSC the other day on XBOX 1 while driving my Dubsta 2. However, I attempted over the course of hours off-and-on to try and repeat the spawn but wasn't able to.


There's a Dubsta and a Dubsta 6x6. It's not really a Dubsta 2.


Yea there is a second/rare variation of the Dubsta.

Edited by smokingndriving
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  • 3 weeks later...

Yes, i just collected myself 10 or so the last 2 days. PC version ofc.


If anyone wants a Dubsta2 on PC, i can help you to get one. Write me a PM with your RSC Account and ill hook you up ingame to get one.

Edited by DaLexy
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