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Crash on loading screen

Voit Turyv

Go to solution Solved by Voit Turyv,

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Voit Turyv

Earlier today, I was playing GTA V just fine. In the evening, though, I get a silent freeze on loading screen and I have to kill GTAV process.

I'm using mods: SP Garage, North Yankton, vanity plates, Crime ane Enforcement Balance, working JB700. Also, I have been having a weird cmd window popping up and disappearing during loading a game or a save.



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That CMD window is not a good thing, that could mean a mod is installing malware in the background OR could mean nothing. Up to you if you take the risk or not. Try taking away 1by1 each mod untill it doesn't happen anymore (the freeze and the CMD window might be linked).

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Yeah, GTA V mods are full of crap.

I am lucky, because I don't use them, but you should stop modding game for some time.

By the way, do you have game legally? Because I heard that crack by 3DM is a virus and cause game crash.

Edited by Sliderv2
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Voit Turyv

It's a RGSC version, non-Steam.

I'm considering a reinstall but I'll try removing the mods first.

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Voit Turyv

I reinstalled the game, the problem still persists. Guess I'll need to scan my computer...

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  • Solution
Voit Turyv

Okay, I do believe my problem was related to the save files that were edited through DLC unlocker. I reinstalled the game, deleted the old save files. The Prologue mission ran and my GTA Online ran without problems.

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