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How to remove mods from GTA V in order to play Online safely?

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Hello everyone,


With all of this news about the new update "Ill gotten gains" it's been making me excited to get to play online with new things that I can buy.


The problem is, I have a couple mods that are installed in my game which I only use in singleplayer and I've never touched Online on PC so far.


I was wondering if there is any procedure (other than locating the modded files and removing them from the GTA V files) that I should do to ensure that I am safe to play online and won't get banned from any modded files in my game?


Any help would be appreciated because I don't want to be banned for mods, when I had thought I removed all of them from my files.


Thanks :D

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When i play online i just remove all the files, and replace when i go single player game. Never had any problems thus far.

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When i play online i just remove all the files, and replace when i go single player game. Never had any problems thus far.

What kinds of mods have you installed? I'm really scared to go into online because I don't know if there's any files that I can't delete because they're more in depth in the files.

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Use Bilago's Mod Manager to handle your mods. Install it - then stick all of your mod files into the Documents/GTAV Mods folder. When you play Single Player - it will "SymLink" the files from the Mod Folder in "My Documents" to your GTA V installation folder. When you quit the game - it will pull them from the folder and stick them back in the documents.


The process is almost reversed for Online - when you play Online it won't put any mods into the GTA V folder. It's almost like playing on the day you got the game.




This Mod Manager also does RPF Backups and Restores. When you set it up - point to the Backup .RPF file - then to a Modded RPF file that you will make. Like the Symlink method it will place it into your GTA V folder when you play Single Player but replace it with the Vanilla (Untouched) .RPF file when you go Online.

Edited by Wheatley

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1. Where does the mod manager get installed? Could someone post a screen shot of how the folder set up should look for the "safest" preferred set up?


2.Also, if an idiot friend of mine installed a mod and it overrode the original game files, will this mod be able to correct that?


For example: Some moon gravity mod or force power mod makes all of the characters and vehicles fly around ( cutscenes included) and it has become very annoying. This started as soon as I downloaded the game and booted it.


Any solutions for this issue? Please let me know!

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