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Hey all I'm looking for 3 people to help me finally do these challenges as I still haven't completed any and none of my friends play GTA anymore. I've also been lookingfor a 'serious' crew of older gamers who prefer to take their time and enjoy the game and try to play as realistically as possible if this sounds like you drop me a message on PSN - El-Gaddafii


p.s. I prefer if you could be level 250+ for the obvious reasons but if not w/e

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you're gonna have a hard time getting people to do heists together, I do a variety of things. but what do you mean realistic? I do a lot of car meets and race playlists.. I don't run around public lobbies killing random people, if that's what you mean... welcome to add me, but please don't send me invites to the heist unless you ask me first... PSN ID minonious level 244 legit

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i know, i've had a hard time trying to do heists since they released them!

i waited a year for heists by which time most of my crew got bored of GTA leaving me with out a full heist team at any given time and I refused to do heists with randoms from the very beginning, so its been a messy experience to say the least.

anyways I'm still hoping to find that 4 man dream team i always 'envisioned' to finaaally pass these challenges, by realistically I mean play as if it were you in the game i.e. drive normally, dress appropriately, plan jobs before executing them etc.

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I had them beat 3 days after they were released,. and I think just about anybody who didn't get them done in that first week is still working on them. they are fun if you have good people,. but like you said the stranger danger level is off the charts. not only will people just mess up because they don't have headsets or aren't paying attention to instructions, you even have trolls going along til the very end only to keep messing it up, to get kicks out of you complaining.. gotta expect people like that with this game though.

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I can imagine! I remember back on PS3 when it launched just doing missions with my crew was so much fun since there was no heists back then we used to make the most out of missions by playing them in an organised fasion as it if were a real job we were about to do. We would meet up at my apartment for example to discuss the job at hand, who would play what role, what attire we would wear, weapons to use etc. before leaving to complete job either together as a convoy or all of us in one car, we never raced to the objective as if our lives depended on it lol


anyways what I'm getting at is that I find GTA online extremely boring as I no longer have my like minded crew mates to play with especially since the release of heists, the problem is that 90% (although probably higher) of the GTA online community lacks the neccessary brain cells or creativity to even comprehend what I'm saying which is why there are so many 'bitch &moan' threads 'i wish for this' 'i want that' threads etc. because players lack creativity to have fun with an already awesome game, don't get me wrong theres a lot of things wrong with this game but with the right players as you mentioned GTA Online is in my eyes one the most fun game out. What spoils it is like said, the 90% of brain dead immature entitled little f*cktards who lack imagination and creativity to have fun with what the game already provides.


wow sorry for the rant got a little bit too into it there haha about to go online if you're on send me a msg

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