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Help with getting more channels on newly-acquired indoor antenna


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I decided to get an RCA one from Walgreens today and it works pretty well. However, I can only so far get a very small amount of channels-namely, most of the time, I can get 7 (our ABC), 31 and 56 (our PBS) and their subchannels and with slight adjustments, 4 (our NBC), 20 and 62 (our CBS) and their subchannels and in some cases even get a very weak signal from channel 32 in Ontario. It has two extendable, rotatable diopoles for VHF and a rectangle-shaped UHF loop. Is there any way I can get any more channels with it or is that all I can get?


Here's a list of what's possible to get where I am:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Indoor antennas are only reasonably well suited for areas in close proximity to the transmitters of the stations of interest where field signal strengths are high and are usually poorly suited for fringe or even moderately distant signals except in rare instances when atmospheric ducting is strong or if you live on especially high ground. Unless you upgrade to an outdoor antenna mounted outdoors or in your attic, I feel it's unlikely that you'll get much more if any more channels, but if you have some time I may be able to help you improve the stability of the reception on the ones you currently get if stability and reliability is an issue.

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zomg! WEWS :3


you dont need to get wews, its all mine


Well, guess what I received at 12:01 AM on Sunday.


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zomg! WEWS :3


you dont need to get wews, its all mine


Well, guess what I received at 12:01 AM on Sunday.



You and I are now mortal enemies :)

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