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[TUT] Use OpenIV "mods" folder & keep your original GTA V


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To get mods to work, you have to install ASILoader and OpenIV.asi, then mods folder will work.

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To get mods to work, you have to install ASILoader and OpenIV.asi, then mods folder will work.


Already had OpenIV installed (with ASILoader installed) and an ASILoader from Script Hook V.


Don't recall finding a link for just an ASILoader so I only downloaded what was on the tutorials.


Finally got it to work. For now all I have going is OpenIV, Script Hook V, Simple Trainer and the IV Pack of vehicles. Everything seems to be working perfect. I had issues while using Mod Manager but I think that may have been my fault. All working great right now.

Edited by iamcornholio
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  • 9 months later...

From the Chinese players greetings, refueling come to the same name as the tool can continue to go, cheering buddy!


Quick question. Does the OpenIV.asi follow shortcuts? I'd rather place the mod folder on a bigger partition (I am running my GTA game off a spare (small) SSD. I would just place a shortcut to the mods folder in the GTA V install.

No it not support shortcuts.
I guess we need to make some kind of configuration, so you will be able to set path you want.
As for now you can follow fastman92 suggestion.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey can someone help? I can't use mods anymore. Everything in my dlcpacks folder (except texture alterations for clothing) is being ignored and when I load the game, everything is as it was in the default game. Further more, I can't use any dlc content past the SPUpgrade (Last Team Standing). Someone please help.

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  • 4 months later...

My dlclist.xml never has FOLDERNAME to edit, I'm trying to use the Add-On/Replace Base Folder tool.

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  • 4 months later...

I know how to use OpenIV mods and I only play offline GTA V. The GTA V version I am using is the Steam version. However, with OpenIV.asi being enabled into GTA V (mods or no mods), the SP missions simply won't work for me, meaning they won't start (not even cutscenes). The last time I tried using OpenIV was for low-end graphics/textures (and reduce amount of vehicles seen as you go through the map) that need to rely on files to be replaced inside the update.rpf file. Any original rpf file being modified somehow affected SP missions not to work in-game, even if I placed a copy (as a modified one) in the mods folder of the GTA V directory.

So the question is does any OpenIV mod work with the SP missions of GTA V?

Edited by zocom7
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  • 2 years later...

Hello my mods are still not woking. I have all thinks downloaded and cars are still not spawning. Can someone help?





Edited by SHIBEMI
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