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[PS4] ATF LS Field Office is recruiting! Join us today!


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[PS4] ATF LS Field Office is recruiting!


Hello, everyone! My name is grandchampion82, and I am part of the security force over here at ATF LS Field Office: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. I also like to help out with recruiting efforts over here at ATF. I was originally a member of the crew Homeland Security U.S. but Homeland Security U.S. merged with ATF. The crew Homeland Security U.S. is no longer active anymore, and everyone has moved on over to ATF.


Here, at ATF, we are looking for more PS4 crew members. ATF is a PS4 crew only. We currently have 107 members. At ATF we offer certain jobs, and you can learn more about these jobs by talking to our lieutenant MCP_1. ATF is a family friendly crew. We always help each other out, and always have each others backs.



ATF LS Field Office Rules!


  • No crew killing!
  • No damaging properties that don't belong to you!
  • Respect one another! Harassing and insulting fellow crew members is not tolerated!
  • You have to have ATF LS Field Office set as your active crew!
  • Be mature!

If you're interested in joining ATF LS Field Office please contact our lieutenant MCP_1. His Playstation Network username is MCP_1. Feel free to message him if you want to join ATF LS Field Office.


Here's our Rockstar Social Club link.



Thank you all for your time! Feel free to join ATF LS Field Office today!

Edited by grandchampion82
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