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Favorite Character


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Man it's good to see people still posting in the gta 3 forms. Long live the first 3D gta. Anyway back to topic.. I would say hmmm..man i'm not sure R* has offered us a good list of characters considering this is their first attempt to include voice actors and i say they did a grate job on it. I guess i would say Catalina is my favorite along with Yusuka. And for the male characters i would go with Ray,Joey leon, and Donald Love.

Edited by GTA_The_Series
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In terms of GTA III by itself, I'd have to go with Asuka. A lot of the other characters in GTA III--Salvatore, Toni, Catalina, Maria--got more backstory/character development in later games, but I honestly think that Asuka outshined them all in GTA III.


She is one of the smartest and most disciplined crime bosses in the series up to this point. Making Claude knock off Salvatore Leone before she'll give him any more work with the Yakuza was brilliant--if he succeeded, there was absolutely no way that Claude would ever be able to return to the Mafia. A rival crime boss is knocked off and she nabs herself a very talented hired gun. If Claude had gotten killed before he could hit Salvatore, Asuka really wouldn't have lost anything. A win-neutral situation. Having an informant within the LCPD (Ray Machowski) was a smart move as well.


But what interests me most about Asuka is how, when, and why she got involved with Maria in the first place. It seems like they had known each other for quite some time prior to the events of GTA III. One crime boss (intimately?) involved with a rival crime bosses' wife--pretty ballsy move. Who knows? Given how unstable Maria was, she might have been Asuka's (unwitting) informant inside the Leone Mafia. So was she sleeping with Maria because she genuinely wanted her or because she wanted to get as much information out of her as possible? Probably a bit of both, but when Maria went to her for help, Asuka saw an opportunity and grabbed it. When we see how powerful Salvatore was in San Andreas and Liberty City Stories, the fact that she managed to orchestrate and pull off the assassination as quickly as she did becomes even more impressive.


Kind of disappointing that such an interesting character got such an anticlimactic death, but so it goes.

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Claude is definitely my favorite. He's also my favorite protagonist from the series. I like mysterious characters like him and the fact that he doesn't talk makes it easier to identify with him. I think that he is also the coolest looking character.


Other than him I would say that Asuka was kinda cool. She seemed to like Claude too. 8-Ball, Joey, and Luigi were nice too mostly because I liked their voice actors (they actually sounded like real mobsters compared to IV's mafia characters).

Edited by Kristian.
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Claude all the way.

Edited by Jinx.
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Claude. Of course a lot of that is probably due to the fact that we all instill that little bit of us into him but he's seriously badass. He's a man with a plan and everyone's expendable to him at the cost of achieving his goal. He works with crooks but they never get the best of him; they get their dirty business taken care of but he's the one moving up the food chain and closer and closer to Catalina. The only protagonist to even come close since is Niko - and even Niko think's Claude's a badass since you can get him to cosplay him if you unlock a certain someone's safehouse in the game. :lol:


Other than him the only characters I really liked were Catalina, Asuka and Maria. The first two are boss ladies and Maria makes me laugh and I kinda get atached to her. I just pretend not to hear that shot at the end of the game. :whistle:

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Fido, 8-ball, asuka, the cannibal dude (I always forget his name) Leone family bodyguard, Ray, and Phil Cassidy's small appearance was great too, and Toni Cipriani. Toni IMO had a better personality in III compared to LCS.

Edited by Phoenix_Poop
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Asuka has this sexiness about her - but that doesn't define her, she's very smart. I felt bad about killing her brother but I suppose there's no loyalty in a city that's going through hell.

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My all-time favorite character of GTA III is Claude, he doesn't say anything and I like that. It is at least better than a hyperactive

person that screams the whole time.. The second place goes to Salvatore Leone, because he looks likes Marlon Brando from

The Godfather.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I go with Salvatore Leone. He is that charismatic crime family leader who earned his place and respect in the city's crime world. And Frank Vincent's voice acting only fortifies him as a charismatic character. What is most interesting, this game does not capture his rise to power, but his downfall - showing us what eventually happens to the man who "had it all".


My second favorite is Donald Love - he prefers cold calculus when addressing any situation, he is prudent and does not give any ground, as shown when the Colombians rack up the Oriental Gentleman's ransom price, and he is the "the goals justify the means" kind of person, shown when he launches a false-flag assassination resulting in an all-out gang war between Colombians and the Yakuza - all just to lower real estate prices. As shown from his relation with Claude, I can deduce that he does not treat the people he hires as "expendable", and he keeps them around as long as they are useful to him, then replaces them with someone more efficient.

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  • 3 years later...

I sort of liked Maria, because she's a hot girl. I also like Asuka, because if you speak Russian, her name is beautifully vulgar.


But Ray is kind of funny, living in the toilets and what not.

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