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PS4 Gta v Pop-in and Aliasing issues


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Ps4 gta v lots of pop in and aliasing issues?

So I got the digital version of gta v on ps4. The first time I played it I was in awe. It was a huge step-up from the previous gen versions. There was no pop or aliasing issues no Mayer how close I looked or how close I sat to the TV. The next day when I got on the game instantly looked a lot worse then it was before. There was so much Pop in, the aliasing was absolutely awful, and the frame rate was lower than it was before. I rebuilt the database, reinstalled the game, switched the HDMI cable, turned my sharpness to zero on my 720p TV. (The ps4 is running 720p as well) This has been annoying me to the point where it's a lot harder to enjoy the game. Do I have a faulty console? Or is it the game? My friends say that they have no issues with any of this. At my friends house I played gta v on his playstation 4 (He has physical copy) before I got the game digitally and there was no pop in or aliasing issues. His sharpness was up as well. Should I get the physical copy of the game? Is my ps4 faulty? I've only had it a week and I can return it for another one. (I also have seen aliasing in The last of Us as well.

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It's probably because you are playing it on a 720p TV. Does your friend play on a 720p screen as well?

Look into buying a better TV/monitor. If all you do is console game then get a decent 1080p screen.

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You should get a 1080p TV or monitor.

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