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[HNBB] - Hippies 'n Beach Bums now recruiting! (Xbox 360)

LSSA Venom97

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LSSA Venom97

If you wish to join a crew who love to have fun at the beach and other places, and are generally just relaxed people, then you're viewing the right article!

The Hippies 'n Beach Bums are a laid-back crew who like to mess around, whilst regulating rules that allow all players to have a fun playing experience. We like to have fun at the beach, and other places. We are open to new suggestions about how to make the crew better, and these can be submitted via the form on our website. Our website has everything you need to know about us, so to stop wasting your time and mine, I will provide you with a link that'll direct you straight towards our website.


If you would like to join us, fill the form at the bottom of our site or send a direct message to the Crew Leaders on Xbox 360 through the Gamertags AlleyCat DE or AlleyCat UK.


Please don't hesitate to email the leader of the crew via the Contact Us page on the crew website, or Xbox Private Message. The Crew leader is AlleyCat DE, and AlleyCat UK is the 2nd in Command. I will stop writing now, to allow you to visit our site and explore the depths beyond the HNBB Crew.


Hopefully we will see you all soon! Hippie-Ka-Yay people! :yingyang:

Edited by AlleyCat DE
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