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[XB1] Themed Car Meets


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Hello. I will be hosting a set of themed car meets on the Xbox One. This first post will be used to explain some of the stuff we will do on my car meets. Details of specific meets will be posted underneath this first post. In my themed car meets, I will be choosing a theme in each event that has a good selection for variety of cars. I will not make a meet exclusive to a single car model. Instead I will choose a category (like Film Cars) or I will choose a certain manufacturer. I will also sometimes choose a theme with a versus kinda feel (e.g Sultan VS Kuruma). If these kind of meets interest you, please read on.



1 - Killing of anyone in the meet using weapons will result in being kicked (we will determine at the scene if a hit and run kind of kill happens). After the meet you may talk it over with me if you accidentally killed the person or to give a reason. If you do not contact with me after the meet, don't expect to be in any future ones.


2 - Voice chat is not necessary. You are allowed my all means to talk in game chat but Skype is my main way of talking to people as Xbox voice chat can be glitch filled at the best of times. You don't even need to use Skype as your primary method of talking, just be in the call/chat in case xbox chat messes up.


3 - Stick to the theme of the meet. If you cannot do this, please contact me beforehand as I can let you in as long as I know before the event. I may turn you away if you just turn up without contacting me about another car. If you invite someone else from your friends list, please explain to them the theme of the meet or tell me about their car predicament. If you do not know if the car you plan to bring fits in with the theme, just ask me.


4 - Do not drive another persons vehicle unless they have told you that you can. Put your car permissions on "Passenger Only" until you want someone to drive your car. Also agree on where they can drive etc before they drive off to avoid arguments. If you are driving someone else's car and they ask for it back, give it to them, don't be an idiot. Any issues with cars being stolen may result in a kick and a possible ban from future meets.


5 - Please try to avoid crashes as much as possible. Don't overtake someone and cut them up or don't drive to close to someone if you are behind them. We all want to keep our cars in a nice condition.


6 - Do not fire a flare gun. A flare gun is used to signify that we are leaving a location and should only be used by one of the hosts of the meet.


What Happens In My Meets?

First we will all go to a set destination on the map which will be given to everyone when you message me for an invite to the game (please stay in your vehicles at this point as we could leave at any moment). We will then drive to a place a far distance away from the start point to take our vehicles on a nice cruise. When we reach there we will park up and look at each others cars. There should be an LS Customs near the place so you can get them repaired if they get damaged on the way.


We will stay around that area for a while. When I or any of the other hosts are ready to go to another place we will shoot a flare up in the air so please try to avoid using flares. We will then travel to a place where we can race our vehicles (these places will be relevant to the event. E.g, if its a muscle car event, we would go to the LS River to test out straight up power and speed). There will be many impromptu races done at the race area so you would have to pick your opponent and then line up in the queue of racers. You will have a chance to go to LS customs and other shops while this is going on.


Once everyone is happy there, we will go on another cruise to the area where the challenge of the meet is set. The challenge could be anything thought up by me. It could be anything from a police chase survival to a climb up Chiliad. You won't know until the moment we are about to start it. Once again, you will all be able to looks at each others cars and go shopping while you wait for your turn. The overall winner of challenges will be put on here.


Now comes to the final part of the meet. We will cruise back down to a place where we can all park up and see each others cars clearly. There will then be voting for some awards. First award is the "Community Best Car" which everyone votes for their favourite looking vehicle other than their own. Second award is the "Hosts Best Car" award which involves the hosts agreeing on our favourite car from the meet.


My Team

These are the gamertags of the the people that are helping me host the car meets.

Dalton (me) - MrHappyMan69

Phillips (friend of mine) - Phillips 427



Please put your names/gamertags down below if you would be interested in meets like this. Dates and themes of meets will be released soon.



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It wasn't tonight guys XD. This is just a post to show whats to come, I will probably be holding one tomorrow. I have your gamertags so if you can make it, I will give you an invite.

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Sorry for the lack of word. My mic has broken (so voice chat is out for me). I will be getting one this week. The first meet will be Saturday at 3.00pm GMT. Details of the theme for this meet below.


Classic Muscle

The theme for our first meet is Classic Muscle. For our race location, we will be going to the LS storm drains for some drag racing. The challenge of the day will be an off-road dirt track race to test your ability to control a muscle car around technical corners.


Allowed Vehicles:








Rat Truck


Please ask me if your vehicle is eligible for the meet.

Edited by DaltonWilliams123
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