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Different ways to get Elvis bonus?


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Ok, everyone knows that you can run over them with a car. But what other ways are there? :p


Electro Gun is probably the easiest. Aim so that you hit all of them at the same time.


Flamethrower isn't hard either. Do a fast swing so that all of them get torched.



Explosions/explosive weapons? This seems to be pretty hard as they get thrown to random distances and do not die at the same time. I once got the bonus by accident. I threw a Molotov cocktail into a car which exploded and there was an Elvis line close to it. They all got blasted and I got the bonus. Too bad I didn't record it.


Bullet weapons? I tried with Machine gun + fast reload + double damage powerups but they start running immediately when one of them dies so it's hard to get them all in the required time which is just something like 1 second. No success yet.


Anything else? :p

Edited by BBBean
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Car bomb often fails like other explosions. But it should work with good luck.



How about fire truck? Sweep them with multiple drive-bys until they are down. :p

Edited by BBBean
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Would work, either way, I wonder if Car Mines would do the trick with them. I usually kill them with a Flamethrower or Electro Gun, but I had success with the Silenced S-Uzi too, that is, when I had Double Damage and Fast Reload too. I wonder if anyone managed to get it doing the ALLAHU AKBAR suicide version - get a grenade, overcook it, causing you to die, and kill the whole Elvis pack with it. I'll try it someday on my custom map :)

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Hehe, nice compilation. Did you try it with ElectroFingers?


I tried but it's very hard to cause even damage to them. :p Usually one or a few of them die first and others start running to random directions. No success.


Same with fire truck on dry land - some die and others run, no success.




Vehicle machine gun works like handheld machine guns.

Rocket launcher does work but requires very good luck. Cramped spaces help a little.

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