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[X1] DGC Gaming looking for active players


Recommended Posts

DGC Gaming is looking for active players!!!

DGC is a gaming community spread across multiple games and platforms. And now DGC is looking for more active players to join there GTA Online battalion Anarchy!

If your a mature gamer with a mic looking for experienced players to help you with heists, missions, and/or deathmatches. Or if your just looking for an active crew to mess around and race with DGC Anarchy is for you.

If your interested this is what you got to do:

Before you can be added to the Social Club crew you need to apply to DGC's GTA battalion Anarchy on DGC's official website.

First register a user name on DGCGaming.net here>>> http://www.dgcgaming.net/forum.php?referrerid=2853

Once signed up to DGCGaming.net you need to post your application to Anarchy here>>> http://www.dgcgaming.net/forumdisplay.php?245-DGC-Anarchy (Please copy & paste app form provided below)


Member Name:

What is your Skype (N/A if you don't have one)?:
How did you hear about us?::
What games do you regularly play?::
What time/days are you usually on?::
Do you understand and agree with the Rank Structure, Honor Code, and Code of Conduct?::
Do you have a working mic/headset?::
Can you meet the weekly forum activity requirement?::
Do you have any past clan experiences?::
If so, Please list:


After you posted your application thread on DGCGaming.net under the Anarchy Battalion Applications. It's just the matter of waiting for your application to be accepted after that.

Upon being accepted you'll get a crew invite from DGC's Social Club Crew. You'll also have access to DGC's Anarchy forum area on DGCGaming.net where all active players in Anarchy interact and communicate with one another. Also once your accepted be sure to familiarize yourself with the DGCGaming.net Honor Code, Rank Structure, Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and the Anarchy Three Strike Rule. These key pieces of information will be valuable to you so you can stay a part of the Dissension Gaming Community for a long time.

DGC Social Club Page Is Here>>> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dissension_gaming

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