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Tenpenny Appreciation Thread

Recommended Posts

Soyeem the Human

He is a remarkable antagonist and villain. I wanted to shoot brains out of his head from the opening scene of the game.

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Femme Fatale

Such an awesome antagonist, I don't think R* will be able to make another one as great as him.

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Such a great character played by one of my favorite actors.

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Best antagonist along with smoke. He is a well done evil character.

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NO. I HATED this bastard with a passion. He made Smoke and Ryder betray you. He put your brother in jail and dissolved your gang. He tried to kill you and Sweet and almost succeeded on both attempts. He made you do his chores without you being able to do anything about it. He set up the incident in which your mom is killed. He had a redneck, punk-ass partner. And the worst part is that you don't get to kill him, but instead he kills himself! Motherf*cking piece of horse sh*t!

And that's why he's the best antagonist ever. R* created him that way, so the player would hate his guts.


So when you hate him, it means that R* made a brilliant antagonist.

Hating antagonist is something easy to do. Rockstar has done this so many times (making them betray you after being friends) but it doesn't mean that all their villians are brilliant, most of them are 1 dimensional (Dimitri, Forelli, Martinez). It's all about proper execution and good characterization. It really just seems to be the consensus in this forum about what makes great villians.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Along with Billy Grey from The Lost and Damned, he's my favorite antagonist among the series.


The badass corrupt officer who destroys whoever he sees as a threatening point. I liked his role as whole in the story of GTA San Andreas. His voice actor took his character to even higher levels of awesomeness.

I remember the moment when I completed End Of The Line, was like: "Wait, is he finally dead?". A greatly developed antagonist. In fact, whenever I think of the word 'antagonist', I see his face in my mind.


It's safe to say that I've always wanted to control Tenpenny instead of Johnson.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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Evil empire

A great badass and memorable antagonist. He perfectly represents a great part of cops: corrupt, tyrannic and without any moral conscience.


He nearly looks sympathic in the badlands section when he's high and I was glad to see the way he ends in the end of the line.

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I really don't care for Tenpenny as a character, but like Steve Ogg's voice work as Trevor I can't deny Samuel L Jackson for getting into the role and his delivery.

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Best antagonist in the series. One of the few with some actual balls beside catalina. Man I remember the first time I was playing the game and my cousin was watching and we were talking about the game. when he punched CJ in the stomach we just went quiet. Things got serious. Thanks to Samuel L jackson for the amazing performance he also had a couple of memorable lines. 

Carl! You piece of sh*t gangbanging Co*kSu*ker! 

See you around like a donut Carl. 


Dimitri was also a pretty okay antagonist however he looked like a coward to me despite all the sh*t talk he had throughout the game. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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Tenpenny is probably my favorite antagonist what better villain for 90s inner city la than a corrupt cop bonus points for Samuel l jackson voicing him. 

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Ballas King

My most favorite Tenpenny moment was on the mission Body harvest by far when he was so high on weed. He treats CJ like a party guest , introducing him to Truth and all, Tenpenny's entire dialogues in the cut scene makes it hilarious. Hats off to his voice actor Samuel L. Jackson, saying he was taking the "finest wweeehheeed" XD !

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amazing voice acting, and a great antagonist. he knows how to use cj

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