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Trucks you can stand up in?


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I was just playing Cleaning the Cat House and instead of riding up I hopped in the bed of a team mates Guardian and pulled out my Special Carbine, just expecting to topple out. Surprisingly, I remained perfectly stationary in the truck bed and the driver ended up doing laps around the abandoned motel while I took out the bikers with my assault rifle. Was pretty epic.


Anyway, does this always happen or was it a one off bug? And if so, is it just the Guardian this works with or are there other vehicles?

Edited by ArystoKrat
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It's always been like that, not a bug. You can also do that with the Duneloader, Mule, and Bus. There's probably more but I can't remember off the top of my head.

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It's not a bug so much as it is exploiting the physics of a car's design. Usually it's trucks or other industrial/service types of vehicles you find this in.

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One of the few reasons the Guardian is worth it. But yeah, there are very few vehicles this is possible with, and it seems the Guardian is the fastest vehicle you can use for it. Shame you can't take cover while standing in the bed though.

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you can take cover and shoot in the back of the scrap truck

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Another cool thing to do with the Guardian (and in my opinion the best use of the Guardian) is to lower it completely with the suspension options at LS Customs. At that height you can ask a friend to stand in the back, drive up next to a moving train and they can just walk on it with the flatbed carriages. They can also walk back off and onto the moving truck. If you're feeling cocky you can go a bit further than where your friends are, do a quick 180 degree turn and reverse side by side with the train, your friends walking onto the reversing Guardian.

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Is this The Guy?

The scrap truck, if the back is empty that is. You can even take cover. Not a pv though

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Guardian/scrap truck jump in the back


Mule (stand on top to open back doors, it's a hit or a miss most of the time) you can also stand on top of this van

Big Goods Van opens down like a ramp, there's another varients that has doors which don't open.


And you can stand on every trailer in the game that's being pulled by a truck, but you can't stand on the truck

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You can do it on a Camper aswell, but there are better options as it's because it has a low top speed. However there's alot of space on the top if it for ,what, maybe 6 or more? :p

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Soran Is On




Off topic: anyone remember the 'lance 'gencey from Sanandreas?

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