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[Q] play sound on entity

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is it already known how to play a sound?

I try to play a sound everytime when someone receives a headshot, just like in Rust legacy

I found this native function:
  • void PLAY_SOUND_FROM_ENTITY(int p0, char *p1, Entity entity, char *p3, BOOL p4, Any p5)
    p1 = soundID within AWC file
    p3 = soundFile from SFX folder
Is it known what the other parameters (p0, p2, p4, p5) stand for?
I think the soundfile has to be in .awc Format, how to create them?
Where to put the soundfile? Presumably here?: update -> update.rpf -> x64 -> audio -> sfx
I want to play the sound from the players position, so i could also use this one and put the players coordinates:
  • void PLAY_SOUND_FROM_COORD(Any p0, Any *p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, Any *p5, BOOL p6, Any p7, BOOL p8) // 8D8686B622B88120 CAD3E2D5

I only found the following native functions by searching for "headshot":


But i have no idea how i can achieve this idea with these native functions to be honest.
Can someone help me to achieve this mod?

Edited by MagicStyle

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I am also trying to do this, by adding my own sound file into the game that is triggered by an event.

Could someone more experienced help with what the arguments for the function mean?



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Sound files are encrypted. And as far as I know, someone would have to decrypt the .awc files containing the game sounds before we can edit them or add our own. OpenIV could do it for IV, but by the looks of it, they won't be updating any time soon: https://twitter.com/openiv/status/599964560305614848

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Does that mean I can't even add in my own sound files?

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Does that mean I can't even add in my own sound files?


Instead of adding them in the GTA files, use an external sound player api to play external sounds.

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