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[PS4] "Pale Riders MC"

Son of Lucifer

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Son of Lucifer

I've recently started a biker crew on PS4 for GTA Online called "Pale Riders MC", (The "L" in "Pale" is actually an "i") and are looking for members/good players (K/D should be 1.49+, keep your social club stats open, I need to see what your proficiency is. (If most of your kills are with a Lazer or Rhino tank you won't be permitted to join).

- Currently, there are no separate prospect or hangaround crews. All you have to do is request to join and you'll be invited to play with us in free roam, missions, TDM etc.

- There aren't any different charters with separate crews. Only the San Andreas crew. (Whether this will change in the future we do not know)

- Once you have joined, you can wear any clothes you want as long as it has the crew emblem on it.

- Being in a biker crew, you should ride a motorcycle when (or even if you want without the crew) with the crew. The Innovation, Hexer, Daemon, Sovereign or Bagger are suitable bikes. If you have the buyable "Declasse Gang Burrito" you may drive that too.

- Be somewhat active so we can play together often.


-This is not (extremely) strictly a role-play crew. There is a good chance once when we receive a good amount of members we will integrate (perhaps separate) prospecting crews and church. When (or if) I do, prospecting will last two weeks for each time you are on and church will be done when anyone who agrees to attend is not in any way busy and we are making somewhat important decisions (e.g. Patch overs or MC wars)


- This crew is obviously based on Sons of Anarchy (the TV show) before you ask. We will not go any further than prospecting and church. Prospects will be told what to do but don't worry you won't be wiping our asses or taking our bikes to car washes and sh*t. Just do anything you're told that makes sense (e.g. Call Lester for whatever reason or hold a door open, just daft things like that, don't abuse your power if you're a patched member) Do your best not to question it unless a member told you to do something that makes no sense or is just plain daft.


- This crew is mostly Nomadic.


- I am the current President. The first 7 members will be given a title such as "Vice President" or "Sgt. At Arms" (1st guy in will be VP, second guy will be the next higher ranked titled member) if they want it. The way we will do the biker hierarchy will be as such:

1. Crew Leader = President

2. Commissioner = V.P.

3. Lieutenants = Other titled members

4. Representatives = Patched Members

5. Muscle = Prospects


Request to join here:


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Son of Lucifer

I also ask that you try and refrain from using miniguns, tanks, jets, RPG's/homing launcher & passive mode unless the enemy/opposition uses these.

Passive mode is acceptable if:
-You are AFK.
-You are outnumbered (as long as you didn't start the fight)
-You are out of explosives to take out (or getting griefed by) jets/tanks/armoured cars etc.

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Son of Lucifer

Also, don't wear daft clothes like a top hat with a scarf or anything like that.

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Son of Lucifer

Free Aim is encouraged and so is riding in formation but not mandatory.

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