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why does Michael only talk to Tracey?


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In my experience, when the family is grouped together, like when watching TV, I can only get Michael to greet Jimmy.

Edited by UltraGizmo64
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Man, those people are so old , I wonder how Amanda and the kids are living their new life right now, they had left LS ever since last November when I got the PS4 version. :D


Michael is probably getting tormented by Brad and Molly in the afterlife while the family are spending his UD cut for ethical things for once like decent clothes, rehab, losing weight, a good education, and a peaceful home.😈

Edited by SuperGTFan
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Cause shes hot , hes trying to f*ck

Incest, fun For the Whole Family
I hope not, cause their Mom was kinda of a sk*nk back in the day.



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He does talk to Jimmy, but it's like he's more likely to speak to Tracey, especially when both of them are at the table.

Mostly because Jimmy responds back depending on how Michael addresses him.

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when the three are at the table, I have to look out at the patio or face the doors to talk to the two girl's because when facing the table, Michael usually only acknowledges the son or talks to him, I use the USB Xbox 360 for windows, so maybe the camera to look is mapped differently for it!..

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  • 5 years later...

Michael and Trevor ruined Tracey's career (the lazlow one) , maybe that's why she ignores them, i dunno about franklin.

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On 5/30/2015 at 6:36 AM, LordRaijin said:

I wish I could go all Vengeance Dad on Michael's family. They give him zero respect.

You can kill them with sticky bombs or any aoe weapon if you stand just outside with the doors held open 

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I don’t know but isn’t that the same in the storyline too? I don’t remember him sitting and having a conversation with her like he does with James. Maybe they just don’t share the same interests.

Edited by Payne
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Western Gunslinger

Probably because R* is too lazy to make Tracey actually respond

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Cutter De Blanc
4 hours ago, Western Gunslinger said:

Probably because R* is too lazy to make Tracey actually respond

I always wondered if this was a bug they thought was funny, or if she actually isnt supposed to respond. Like you'd assume, since the rest of his family responds, that its a bug

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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