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No Idea Where to Post This...

Lethal Vaccine

Go to solution Solved by TJGM,

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Lethal Vaccine

Anyways, I posted 3 Topics on GTAGarage. I am fond of uNi and heard he could help me get the Topics approved. He even said he would, but after work. I also here chatter on this Forum about how god awfully slow it takes waiting and waiting and waiting for approval...


I just want to know...Who runs that Site? How do Topics get approved? Why does it take so long? I don't want to rely on ONE guy who is busy in his personal life to publish my Links. It's not even Mods I am releasing. I posted 3 Topics in the Save Game Section and am waiting for the Download Links to show up and the Photos to show up.


Lol, I'd appreciate some reliable service...


EDIT: Also when you post a Topic, there is only so many options to pick (III, VC, SA, IV). Where is LCS, VCS, TLaD, TBoGT, CTW, and V? I wanted to post LCS and VCS, followed by CTW, but there isn't even an option Icon to add them...


EDIT 2: And for the record, what I am posting on GTAGarage is already posted here on this Forum and was pinned in the rightful locations. If it's here and approved, why not on the other Site? I just don't get why it's so damn slow over there.

Edited by Militia
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  • Solution

Request your mod to be approved here.


The site lacks staff right now because it's outdated, a new site is being worked on by Tank which should be up soon.


LCS and VCS has fairly few mods, would be a waste. TLAD & TBOGT fall under IV and there have been practically no mods made for CTW. V will be part of the new site.

Edited by TJGM
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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks, man. I will post in that topic for future reference, but I will just wait on uNi since I asked him 8 hours ago, but he hasn't been on since. No worries. He'll get to it.


Well...I am not posting Mods. I am only posting Game Saves. I posted my BC PS3 Saves for III, VC, and SA on GTAGarage so far. Once those are "approved," I was gonna post the BC PS3 Saves for LCS and VCS, as well as my iOS Save for SA and my iOS Save for CTW. I am posting SAVES, not Mods. I am not into Modding/Cheating of the sort, I just wanted to get my Saves into more people's hands. I've posted all of this stuff I speak of on this Forum already, but there is only a small community on here that is into what I am into, and it was suggested to me that I post my Saves to GTAGarage as well as Gamefaqs, etc...

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Except GTAGarage is generally a site for mods, not saves. Wouldn't make much sense creating sections for non-PC GTA's that have no mods.

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Lethal Vaccine

That is very true, indeed. However, I did see some VCS Saves and such on there. There is some nice Starter/Master Saves and 100% Saves on the Site that I noticed. I thought it would be a good idea to add mine, too. There is even PS2 Saves for III, VC, and SA. It appears the Game Save Section isn't all about Mods. I see a lot of legit Saves being posted, etc...

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